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  1. Want to Buy
    I know not many people have them or are looking to sell, but I'd like to pick up a sub box that fits between the jump seats of an extended cab that'll hold a 10" sub. I've currently got a 12" in a walmart scosche sitting on the back seat, which is a bit impractical. I know JL makes one, but...
  2. Audio/Multimedia
    Hey, everyone! I'm hooking up the amp from my old ride into my new Canyon, everything is hooked up except the speaker wires from the Amp to the rear speakers. I pulled apart the doors and found the stock speaker wire was yellow and brown, but when i looked at the wires that run out of the door...
  3. Audio/Multimedia
    Didnt do the install today, still unsure about a couple of things. My speakers are the db6501 components by polk no amp. 1. The input for xover are the stock woofer wires. I just take the ends of the wires that were attached to my woofers and attach those to the xover or do i have to back track...
1-3 of 3 Results