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  1. Want to Buy
    As title says, I'm looking for a pair of either 3" or 5" lift spindles for a 2WD 2004 Colorado. Please let me know if you are anyone you know has a pair for sale. Thanks!
  2. Lifting
    I have a 2009 colorado z85 5cyl 4 door 2wd. I just got it lifted and im having some problems with it that im hoping someone else has had problems with before or has any ideas of what may be wrong with it. I got a 5” cst suspension spindle lift put on it I also got new 17” with a -6 offset wheels...
  3. For Sale
    This is just a feeler for some parts that I have in Parkersburg, WV ( 26143 ). I dont have any pictures of the stuff, but If you are interested, I can probably get them for you within a few days. The lift is that cheap kit they had on amazon a while back, Im pretty sure its missing a few...
  4. Lifting
    Hey, So I'm doing research to lift my '05 2WD Z85 soon. My perferred method would be to go with 3" spindles up front and AAL in the back. I've read that the ebay parts thats come with the spindle (brake lines, spacers, etc) are alittle bobo so I've been looking for the spindles with out the...
1-4 of 4 Results