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  1. V6 Engine & Drivetrain (2015+)
    I have a 2017 Colorado. love the truck but its having some pretty serious safety issues. it randomly shuts off while driving. its done this 4 times so far, all on different days. twice I've been going down the highway, 55-70 mph. Once when accelerating from a stop light. and once while pulling...
  2. I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    Guys I have some problems that have stumped me and need input. Last summer noticed on some really hot days temp gauge would hit 3/4 and above but never would get to the point where I needed to shut it down. Now that it's cool gauge never gets past 1/4 if it makes it there at all. Also in summer...
  3. I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    When I Put My Truck In Reverse In The Mornings Or After Its Sat For An Hour Or Two It Acts Like It Wants To Cut Off, Idling Up And Down Betwen 500 And 1500 Rpm If I Tap The Gas It Seems To Get Worse. Any One Experiencing This?
1-3 of 3 Results