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  1. quick release adapter?

    Interior (2015+)
    I was looking around for a quick release adapter plate for my truck and stumbled across this from NRG. it says it fits our trucks, and I kind of like the design of it with the bigger paddles. I might get it to try it out. NEW NRG GEN 3.0 QUICK RELEASE BLACK FLARED PADDLE (HUB STEERING WHEEL)...
  2. How to: 04- 05 Rack and Pinion Bushings

    How to replace 2004-2005 Colorado/Canyon bushings (with or without lift.) There may be factors for those who do not have a suspension lift that I am unaware of, such as things in the way of getting the rack out of the vehicle. But as far as the actual bushings and replacement of them, this will...
  3. Turning Radius

    Does anyone have any fixes for getting a sharper turn radius? I'd like to turn like a normal truck instead of a bus... 2007 `Rado 4x4/Z71 I-5