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  1. For Sale
    Early Spring Cleaning (Swaybar, Springs, BallJoints, Dropblocks): Local & Shipping Everything is now sold
  2. For Sale
    Hey guys, I recently sold my 2012 V8 and purchased a Camaro SS. I was out of state at the time and ended up selling it with my aftermarket intake.. I am hoping to sell my OEM intake here. It was removed from the vehicle with less than 100 miles on it and has been stored in my garage since...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Whats up guys, Name is Hunter! I have owned my Colorado for around 2 years even though I'm only 17 and its my first vehicle... I love my Colorado to death and enjoy driving it everyday, here is a rundown of my truck! 2005 Single/Standard Cab Black Factory paint... 3.7 Inline 5 with 50k Miles...
  4. For Sale
    Wanting something different so trying to sell the truck. 2005 Chevy Colorado Xtreme Price Is $6000 Obo. Location is Lafayette, IN :salute: Truck has around 126,500 miles I don't have to sell but kinda wanting a 4 door since I have a baby. Oil changes have been done regularly. Just did it...
  5. For Sale
    Don't have to sell but just testing the waters. Price isn't firm. $7500 The engine is perfectly sound. No engine problems at all. The paint isn't that bad but does have some flaws. Couple chips on the front frill, front lip of the hood, and on the tailgate. I have had this truck a year. I am...
  6. Want to Buy
    Anyone have a pair they can part with? I finally found some motivation, just need parts. Thanks!
  7. Exterior
    I am going to replace my tinted tails sometime soon, as I thought it through and here drivers are idiots and I have heard a lot lately that tinted tails will cause you to be "at fault" if someone rear ends you. I am looking for pics of these tails on our trucks. Every pic I could find wasn't too...
  8. Lowering
    i need someone with a stock height Z85 2WD 355 to measure the distance between the front crossmember (the one just in front of the engine, measure from the center) and the ground. any help is appreciated, thanks guys.
  9. For Sale
    I've decided to sell my stock radio out of my truck... It has about 3 years of use from 2009 (manufacture date) to 2012 when I purchased the truck. All buttons illuminate, none are faded, and there are no flaws in the LCD display. It is in VERY good condition! I pulled it out and put in another...
  10. For Sale
    i have a set of stock fenders in great condition, they have the black stock fender flare on the wheel well. i dont need em anymore since now i have fiberglass. they are just up in my rafter taking up space. i dont feel like shipping them, but if the price is right i will look into it. just give...
  11. For Sale
    stock Z85 wheels $100 15x6.5:welcome2: Fullerton CA [email protected]
  12. Audio/Multimedia
    alright. i got an 09 crewcab. want to keep the factory head unit. already have an alpine 300w 4chan amp and a kenwood excelon flat 12. was hoping to keep those seprate and run those off two speaker wires, but am open to suggestions. now for the question. i want to replace my door speakers...
  13. Audio/Multimedia
    hi haha iam posted alot of thingss.. but i got this new deck the pioneer avhp3100 and i like it its pretty nicee... but under the options it says theres a subwoofer and if i go to it i can like ajust the subwoofer volume and stuff like that but WTF i never bought one??
1-13 of 13 Results