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  1. Audio/Multimedia
    So I finally decided to build a decent box for my 10" JL Audio 10w1v2's. I had some terribly undersized boxes for them previously, that I threw together with 1/4" plywood. This one I built out of 3/4 MDF like you should!!! I have about 8 hrs in it start to finish, and I provides more than enough...
  2. Audio/Multimedia
    So i am putting 2 12s in the back of my ext cab. But i have no clue how to run RCA cables from the factory stereo to my amp. I know i need an adapter but as far as what adapter and how to hook it up im in the dark.Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.
  3. For Sale
    I have 2 10" MTX subs with a box designed for use in a reg cab colly, along with a 1000 watt Profile Baja amp. Looked at brand new stuff, the amp costs 110 new, the box I bought was 75 (on sale), and the subs new are 50 a piece. Asking 150, you pay shipping, for everything. *Note: Your spare...
  4. Audio/Multimedia
    I have been contemplating several different scenarios of speakers that i may decide to go with, but i am not set on any of them, so i ask the help/advice of my 355 Bretheren! :high5: Different setups are: 1) 1 18" Fi BTL (Fully loaded) off an AQ 2200.D OR SUNDOWN 2500.1 2) 2 15" Fi BTL (Fully...
  5. Electrical/Lighting/Security
    hey everybody, k first of im pretty retarded lol k but, i hooked up these 2 subs, everything works good, but when i tryed to lock the doors, it dint do anything. and if i push the button inside the truck to lock the doors, it doesnt do anything, and also i cant roll down the left window, im not...
  6. Audio/Multimedia
    Hey my 10" sub just seized up and i am wanting to get more than 1 10" sub in my truck anyway. i either want to get 2 10" subs or a 12" sub. The only problem is i went into the stereo place in town and they guy there said that the biggest that i can fit is a 10". If you have a Colorado Crew...
1-6 of 8 Results