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  1. For Sale
    Here is a custom grey vinyl wrapped down-firing subwoofer enclosure for you Gen1 owners. I had this built by SoundXpressions in Phoenix,AZ a few years ago and absolutely loved the sound of this with my Rockford Fosgate PD3-10(deep 10" sub). To install this, you simply need to remove your spare...
  2. For Sale
    Hey guys, I sold my '07 ext cab a while back and looking to re-home a custom armrest/sub enclosure that I had fabricated and installed by Sound Xpressions in the Phoenix area. This box was designed to replaced the cupholder in-between the two jumper seats in the back of the extended cab Gen1...
  3. For Sale
    Ended up trading the ole girl in on a brand new Jeep Renegade due to an impending surprise-child :D. Here's what I have: (NOTE: Everything here was bought within the past 6 months and is either mint or near mint. ) (ALSO NOTE: All "shipped" prices are for stateside US only.) STEREO STUFF...
  4. Want to Buy
    I know not many people have them or are looking to sell, but I'd like to pick up a sub box that fits between the jump seats of an extended cab that'll hold a 10" sub. I've currently got a 12" in a walmart scosche sitting on the back seat, which is a bit impractical. I know JL makes one, but...
  5. For Sale
    I have 2 10" MTX subs with a box designed for use in a reg cab colly, along with a 1000 watt Profile Baja amp. Looked at brand new stuff, the amp costs 110 new, the box I bought was 75 (on sale), and the subs new are 50 a piece. Asking 150, you pay shipping, for everything. *Note: Your spare...
  6. For Sale
    Hey Guys, I am moving cross country this month and need to lighten the load. I have a custom armrest subwoofer enclosure that was installed in my ext cab colorado for sale. The armrest itself will mount where the cup holder/jack assembly mounts (so you will have to put the jack under your...
  7. Audio/Multimedia
    I want to put subs in the back of my crew cab 4wd 2005 canyon under the seat and the im not sure if the boxes i found will fit. Does anyone know of a good box that will for sure fit under my back seat? Thanks.
  8. Audio/Multimedia
    :salute: I have seen the sticky for the crew cab sub box's but I'm throwing this out to the ext. cab guys. Lets see em!:D
  9. For Sale
    2004 chevy colorado 3.5L, 5 cylinder ,2wd, zq8 sport suspension option Very good condition clean inside and out Runs and drives great 114,000 miles 3 Month old black 20 inch KMC rims on new low profile general G max tires comes with stock rims too custom painted grill custom exhaust, magnaflow...
  10. Audio/Multimedia
    Alright I don't do post often but am looking for some opinions of fellow 355 members. I am looking to buy the MTX shallows or the Memphis shallows. I've had the kicker CVT's and wasnt that impressed. So if anyone has tried either of these or has any others they would recommend please let me know.
  11. For Sale
    PRICE DROP! $750 for everything and ill cover 1\2 of shipping! Hey guys....ive decided against such a big audio install on my truck So im parting it out...everything listed here is up for grabs! Buyer pays shipping. If interested send me a PM and we'll work on a price\payment. 25 feet of...
  12. Audio/Multimedia
    Hello, I thought I would give back to you guys for all the info Ive read on the forums. I have built a custom downfiring sub box that will fit between your kiddy seats. You have to remove jack and cup holder but looks awsome, hides and protects sub as well. I have to transfer the pics here but...
  13. Audio/Multimedia
    hi haha iam posted alot of thingss.. but i got this new deck the pioneer avhp3100 and i like it its pretty nicee... but under the options it says theres a subwoofer and if i go to it i can like ajust the subwoofer volume and stuff like that but WTF i never bought one??
1-13 of 14 Results