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  1. Interior
    Okay so I'm looking for black interior trim bezels. So I found some on the GM website but it says they fit 07-12. What's the difference between 04-06 and 07-12 regarding this.
  2. For Sale
    I have a chrome trim kit for sale, it was on the truck when I got it. This includes both door handle covers and the wheel well trim pieces all around. Make me an offer if interested. All the pieces are in good shape, I can get some better shots if anyone is interested. Below is an image of them...
  3. For Sale
    hey guys! i still have these parts sitting around from my truck. i forgot i had them. i have all the parts in the picture. it is all the trim pieces in red, a couple non pained spares, and 3 switches. i would like to try and get $300 obo. i know thats not cheap but this is a lot of parts and it...
  4. Interior
    I have been painting the interior trim pieces and all of them have turned out fine except for the radio trim bezel. This piece has paint "crackles" all over it. The paint goes on fine, but after I let it dry, the paint is smooth in one area and crinkled in another. It almost looks as if...
1-4 of 4 Results