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  1. Tuning
    Looking to install a tuner in my truck to use when towing. Any shops in Salt Lake City that could do the tune? Recommendations on tuners?
  2. Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    I have an 04 Colorado 3.5L I5 with a K&N air filter, aftermarket exhaust, jtr header, ported throttle body, and an E fan, should I try to take it to get tuned on a dyno or buy a chip and if a chip which one? I'm just unsure of what to do for a tune and figured id ask as I cant figure it out...
  3. Tuning
    I'll try to keep this simple. If the cheap little plug and play tuners work let me know which one. In the process of building custom headers, I have 2 pipes welded to the flange so far:confused: I will post pics when finished and installed, this will also have to be added in the information for...
  4. Tuning
    Hi everyone I have a 2009 Chevy Colorado 2.9L that I did a 5speed swap on. Problem is I can’t find anyone near me (Tampa, FL) to help me out with my Ecm. Need to change it to a manual trans to eliminate auto trans codes and also fix the rpm issue when shifting
  5. Tuning
    2008 Z85 3.7L LT 4x4 Stock PCM has latest dealership updates - 11/2016 Hey there! Seems like many people on this forum have had great success with a PCM tune. I am interested and want to research my options, prices, etc.. before jumping into it. Unfortunately, a 'mail-in' tune is not an...
  6. Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    Okay so I have a 05 Canyon 3.5l z71. The only "mod" is I'm running 31x10.5 on the stock wheels. But new wheels and larger tires (33x12.5) are on the way with a 4in suspension lift. Well I'm really wanting to put a little pep in her step before all that though. So should I get a ported TB or a...
  7. I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    Ebay'd a 15437 Volant CAI for $180 Not crazy about the oiled filter that comes with it b/c I've seen them mess with sensors Had to trim the main tube a bit to make it fit, otherwise no problem Clean my MAF/IAT sensor Sounds awesome Nice power gain ...until the next power cycle I get a CEL...
  8. Tuning
    Well, I just got a basic remote tune from Gerry at AVT Tuning & it's amazing! He was able to help me out over the phone step-by-step and he even explained to me what he was doing with all of the tables. I took the truck out & it ran great! He made sure that I was satisfied with the tune & the...
  9. Tuning
    Hello, I live in South Central Kansas (Kiowa). I'm wondering if there are any tuners near me. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Tuning
    hi , i am interested in getting a tune sometime this spring. i do not know much about tunes yet i want to have good fuel economy but i also want to maximise performance will this be the same tune ? should i get equiped with the hardware and software to change the tunes myself? i would also...
  11. Tuning
    whats the best thing to do??? i already have cold air intake. i heard those performance chips are crap. i was thinking of a dyno tune (cuz theres a plays right neer me who does stuff like that) what do u guys thing?
1-11 of 11 Results