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  1. Tuning
    Hi everyone I have a 2009 Chevy Colorado 2.9L that I did a 5speed swap on. Problem is I can’t find anyone near me (Tampa, FL) to help me out with my Ecm. Need to change it to a manual trans to eliminate auto trans codes and also fix the rpm issue when shifting
  2. Tuning
    2008 Z85 3.7L LT 4x4 Stock PCM has latest dealership updates - 11/2016 Hey there! Seems like many people on this forum have had great success with a PCM tune. I am interested and want to research my options, prices, etc.. before jumping into it. Unfortunately, a 'mail-in' tune is not an...
  3. Engines/Performance/Tech Questions
    Okay so I have a 05 Canyon 3.5l z71. The only "mod" is I'm running 31x10.5 on the stock wheels. But new wheels and larger tires (33x12.5) are on the way with a 4in suspension lift. Well I'm really wanting to put a little pep in her step before all that though. So should I get a ported TB or a...
  4. I4/I5 Engine & Drivetrain
    Ebay'd a 15437 Volant CAI for $180 Not crazy about the oiled filter that comes with it b/c I've seen them mess with sensors Had to trim the main tube a bit to make it fit, otherwise no problem Clean my MAF/IAT sensor Sounds awesome Nice power gain ...until the next power cycle I get a CEL...
  5. Tuning
    Well, I just got a basic remote tune from Gerry at AVT Tuning & it's amazing! He was able to help me out over the phone step-by-step and he even explained to me what he was doing with all of the tables. I took the truck out & it ran great! He made sure that I was satisfied with the tune & the...
  6. Tuning
    Hello, I live in South Central Kansas (Kiowa). I'm wondering if there are any tuners near me. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Tuning
    hi , i am interested in getting a tune sometime this spring. i do not know much about tunes yet i want to have good fuel economy but i also want to maximise performance will this be the same tune ? should i get equiped with the hardware and software to change the tunes myself? i would also...
  8. Tuning
    whats the best thing to do??? i already have cold air intake. i heard those performance chips are crap. i was thinking of a dyno tune (cuz theres a plays right neer me who does stuff like that) what do u guys thing?
1-8 of 8 Results