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  1. Tuning
    Looking to install a tuner in my truck to use when towing. Any shops in Salt Lake City that could do the tune? Recommendations on tuners?
  2. Tuning
    Hi everyone I have a 2009 Chevy Colorado 2.9L that I did a 5speed swap on. Problem is I can’t find anyone near me (Tampa, FL) to help me out with my Ecm. Need to change it to a manual trans to eliminate auto trans codes and also fix the rpm issue when shifting
  3. Tuning
    Not my info stole it from elsewhere!! Thanks to pontisteve. VE is volumetric efficiency. Most VE maps use numbers typically from 0 to 100 (although they really aren't limited to 100%). Some newer cars use GMVE, which have numbers like 2200 - 2600. The numbers are different, but the function...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Looking for information on tuning my 2005 Colorado, Z71 3.5L with a flowmaster and K and N cold air intake.
  5. Tuning
    Well, I just got a basic remote tune from Gerry at AVT Tuning & it's amazing! He was able to help me out over the phone step-by-step and he even explained to me what he was doing with all of the tables. I took the truck out & it ran great! He made sure that I was satisfied with the tune & the...
  6. Tuning
    hey guys! need some advice in what tune would be best for optimal mpg and performance without emptying my wallet on the most expensive tune..... any suggestion ?????? any ideas through them my way !!! thanks cheers
  7. Midwest Thread Archives
    Is there anyone who does tuning on Oahu??? Please let me know. Thanks and Aloha!
  8. Tuning
    Is there anywhere in Hawaii where I can get to tune for may truck? Any help would be appreciated. Aloha!
1-8 of 9 Results