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  1. Aesthetics
    These have proven damn near impossible to find. Anyone got a hookup? I need 2 of the silver center caps for the 18” Xtreme wheels.
  2. Interior (2015+)
    I was looking around for a quick release adapter plate for my truck and stumbled across this from NRG. it says it fits our trucks, and I kind of like the design of it with the bigger paddles. I might get it to try it out. NEW NRG GEN 3.0 QUICK RELEASE BLACK FLARED PADDLE (HUB STEERING WHEEL)...
  3. Brakes
    Can someone tell me how many ABS sensors the 2009 colorado has, locations, if I can change them with out having to take it to the Dealer, the dealers here are murder, $100.00 bucks just to scan it, cheaper for me to order the sensors 1x1 and keep changing them till i find which is bad, and help...
  4. For Sale
    I have a full set of 3 black husky liner mats for an 05 crew cab (not sure how much difference year is going to make) that im thinking of getting rid of. Too much plastic/ not enough rubber feel for me. Also have MB Ultra Chaos 6 17" wheels with General Grabbers on them - about a year and a...
  5. Wheels & Tires
    Hey Guys, I've been on here a while just looking around and this is my first post. I have a 2010 Colorado crew cab Z71 2wd I-5. I've cranked the torsion bars an inch to level the truck and I have 3/4" spacers on the front wheels and the drivers side rear wheel (to compensate for the passengers...
  6. For Sale
    I just got new Rims & Tires. My factory set is for sale. Pick Up or Meet around Baytown, Texas (35 miles East of Houston- 55 miles West of Beaumont). Tires are Goodyear Wrangler ST 235/75-R16 they only have 13K miles on them. Asking $600 on CL $450 on 355Nation, firm Will take trade or...
1-7 of 9 Results