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02 sensor question

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What is the difference between these two 02 sensors?

I took mine out of my truck and it looks the same as the professional with more holes.

Would their be problem using the cheaper one with non professional? ACDelco 213-3207 GM Original Equipment Heated Oxygen Sensor: Automotive

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The ACDelco 213-3207 GM #12592592, was the O2 Sensor that was (is) originally installed in your truck. There shouldn't be any problem replacing it with a like item.
Okay but I'm just curious what the difference is between the two?
I don't have an answer for that. For some reason, ACDelco has produced quite a few components that they have designated "Professional" and are interchangeable with OEM parts. Are they of any better quality? Who knows?
Because the word "professional" has more letters in it than "OEM" it costs more to print the box so they charge more. :D
Sounds about right.
Good info thank you Joe.
Ya know, these trucks are kind of funny. I've notice that you can add aftermarket parts to beef up your ride but certain parts won't work unless you use A/C parts or unless you decided to make serious changes so you can use aftermarket parts.
An O2 sensor with a more restrictive shield or fewer holes provides lower convection, more poison resistance, longer switching time, and less heater power requirements in a low temperature exhaust environment.

So if you live up north the O2 sensor with a more restrictive shield may be the better option.
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