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04 Colorado ZQ8 2.8l 5spd what I have done ever the past 6 years!

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April 04 2004
lol Pretty sure me and the truck are still Virgins here!! Trucks maybe a couple of weeks old here!

Oct 2004
I can't seem to find any pics of the first acident here, but the truck wasn't even 5 months old and I lost control on ice hit a steel dumpster destroyed the left box side, bought a brand new one from GM waited 1 month for it to come in and me and my dad installed it and painted it

Grad 04
Received GM boxliner

Dec 25 04
Received custom ZQ8 decals, for the box sides

Aug 05 05
Got rear ened at a stop light by a lifted F350 No pics of the box still on the truck but, here is some of it off the truck and the reapir, at the time I had a hard time finding a gate, and found a good deal on a take of 06 white colorado box and gate.. might as well get as much bang for the buck..since insurance is paying for it anyway!

Dec 29 05
received GM vent shades for my b-day

May 02 07
Installed Compustar alarm and remote start with door lock actuators myself! Painted radio bezel, door handle inserts silver and installed extreme cluster.

old cluster

new cluster

had to swap my lens over as it was broken in shipping

June 2010
installed Hummer H3 console wall-mart shift knob custom shifter, good used Colorado cloth buckets, Kenwood deck, Jenson 150 watt speakers with monster cables, best buy speaker boxes, SSK lumber knob/sill plates

Future mods:

Paint lower bumper red
get Z85 dam
Gm chrome accessory grille
low pro tonneau cover/gate spoiler
5.3L mated to MA5 5spd with jeep bell-housing
etreme wheels or SS wheels
1" drop front 2" drop rear
after-market power windows
Bullet aluminum door handles
paint mirrors and tailgate latch body color
Locking rear diff
Tint side glass

lol at the rate I am going and with the available funds this likes like a 5 year plan!! I am trying to sell my Camaro and hope to get $5500.00 for it which will than go to the truck, not sure what order I will do everything in if and when I ever sell my Camaro!

Update 07/30 2010

Installed Z85 lip, and painted lower bumper vallance

Dec 28 2010 guy backed into me with his camper two ball hit lower bumper.

Update Dec 30 2010 to March 18 2011

V8 build thread

Swapped in 2007 4.8L LR4 mated to stock 5spd with advancded adapters jeep bellhousing
-LS2 intake, fuel rails, feul rail covers, Evap soliniod, computer, knock sensors
-SSR 88mm throttle body and long tube OBX T-304 headers, and high flow cats
-flex-lite 180
-Flow master 40 series delta cross flow 2.5" single in dual 2.5" out
-Dynomax stainless tips
-07 canyon auto coloumn wiht cruise converted to 04 manual coloumn with cruise.
-Hp tuners
-Luk LS1 clutch/ARP bolts
-corvette fuel filter regualter
-LS6 valley cover
-Wirring harness done by me.. PMe if you want one.

Update 07/02 2011 Added NGK AFX wide band

Update 07/20 2011 Added 09 door handles from Luci fur and painted Victory red.

Update 08/13 2011 added ram air intake through grille opening, and sheilds

Update Sep. 17 2011 added cal-tracs

Update Oct. 04 2011 added remote hidden front lisence plate holder..never got pics it wasn't quite finished.

Update Oct 05 2011 Saddest day of the trucks life, he was killed, after his stupid owner drove him into a tree

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Hey Jamie I’ve been trying to figure out how to get ahold of you but it won’t let me send you a pm. Been working on my father in laws lm7 swapped canyon and was hopeing to have luck with you on possibly a harness for her. Not sure on how else to get ahold of you haha
me too, im interested on one of the harnesses
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