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So, I finally found someone that stocks and sells a bushing kit for our steering rack. I was anxious to get home from work today and see if it arrived as scheduled. It did. Now, I've done a fair amount of front end work and i've replaced all sorts of bushings before, but I have no idea how these bushings are supposed to work. They are completely assembled and cannot be taken apart. I would have expected to see a steel sleeve and two bushing halves. I would drive the old bushing out, insert one of the rubber halves in from each side an then drive the metal sleeve in to hold it all in place. No problem, right?
here's what the bushings that I received look like:
I have no idea how I'm supposed to get these bushings into the hole when they already have the raised edge on both sides. Guess I'll have to trim that off on one side and use a washer. Any other ideas? There's no split in the rubber and it doesn't look like it's meant to come apart.
20200214_222429 (2).jpg
20200214_222440 (2).jpg
20200214_222450 (2).jpg
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