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04 z71 4x4 inner tie rod bellow boots

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how does the air transfer from side to side on these trucks as when i crawled under the truck I did not see a breather air transfer tube.

rather than an external transfer tube on the outside of the rack, is there an internal passage between the rack gear rod and the outside of the rack body, that allows air to transfer between bellows on these trucks?

I have a slight tear in one of the bellow boots, and when i bought two new boots the boots didn't have a traditional nipple port that would connect to a external breather tube

on another car i owned a few years ago, i replaced the bellow boots and there was a breather transfer tube on the outside of the track that allowed air to move from one bellow to the other as the steering rack rod extended and retracted.

on this colorado, are the racks internally ported to allow air transfer?
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per this website, here is a better explenation

What Is the Purpose of the Breather Tube on a Rack & Pinion? | eHow

The Bellows and the Breather Tube

Both bellows at the ends of the rack assembly are sealed by clamps. If there were not some form of breather mechanism installed in the system, the air held inside the bellows near the inside of the turn would be compressed, blowing up the bellows like a balloon. At the same time, there would be too little air inside the opposite bellows, causing it to collapse inward and become trapped and torn by the moving mechanical parts.

It is not possible to use external air to prevent these problems, because it would likely be contaminated with dust and grit that would consequently be introduced to the machinery inside the bellows. The solution is the breather tube; it runs between the two bellows, allowing the excess air from the inside bellows to be vented to the outside bellows, where it stops the collapse. When the car is going straight forward, the breather tube allows the two bellows to equalize.
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