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'05 3.5 Z71 LS Stalling Issue

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My truck has had a random stalling issue, been happening for few years. I got truck new, seems to happen if not warmed up enough. Replaced catalytic, injectors, cam & crank sensors over the years. Replaced frame @ all suspension components plus lots engine parts @100K. Now has 110K. Runs OK at startup but randomly within 5 minutes it sputters and throttle pedal does nada then dies. Happened 3 times yesterday within a 1/2 mile. Sat for a few minutes then OK. No codes ever, wish there were. Occurred 5 times in the the last 2 weeks then goes away. Same symptoms every time, happened before frame swapped. Any ideas?
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Fuel filter?

Maybe get a scan tool that can read live data and keep it turned on when you go out. Set it to read fuel pressure, throttle position fuel trims, etc.
Have you cleaned the throttle body and the Mass Air Flow sensor? You should also check for the slightest vacuum leak.
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