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05RadoXtreme Build Thread

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So I guess I'll start with what I drove before I got the Xtreme.
My first truck was a 2001 Chevrolet S-10 with a 2.2l manual transmission, manual windows and locks, just a basic truck. I loved that thing. I put some 20s on it, shaved the tailgate and frenched the tag, rollpan, lowered it 3", HIDs, tint, LED tails, and a bunch of other stuff.

I had it for about 3 years then wanted something newer with more doors, Ended up selling it for $3,750.

I liked the mid size trucks and saw a few 355s online that caught my eye so I started looking. I almost bought a black crew cab ZQ8 in Miami but later found out that it was a water damage rebuild from one of the big hurricanes so that one was out. But this one truck from Jacksonville kept showing up. 2005 Chevy Colorado Xtreme, it was black, all stock but with a bed cover and no tint. I skipped school with my dad one day and we took the 3 hour drive to Jacksonville to check it out. The truck was being sold by a Mazda dealership. An older guy bought it for his son in high school, the son later went into the military and left the truck behind, the old man ended up trading it in for a new Mazda Miata. They were asking $16k, but my budget was $10k. The truck needed brakes and tires soon so we were able to wiggle them down to $11k out the door.

Pics of the day I brought it home. (2/8/2011)

Since the HID kit from the S-10 was the same as the Xtreme, I threw in the HID kit about 20 minutes after I got back to the house. I also threw in some white LEDs in the turn signal running lights that I had left over.

Then a few days later it was Valentine's Day so I took the girlfriend (now Wife) down to a nice restaurant by the river and we watched the sunset from the bed of the truck.

Then a few months later I bought some black 20x8.5" Helo 866 wheels for my 20th birthday.

Then I bought some black z85 headlights and DRLs, and 5% tint, and blacked out the Chevy grille emblem.

Then I got some switchback LEDs

Then I got my taillights and 3rd brake light smoked.

Then I shaved my tailgate.

I ripped out the lame little projector fog lights and put in full size ones behind the billet inserts. I also got my reflectors smoked (on the outside of the headlight)

Then I installed 2" Balljoints and 2" blocks

Scored a cheap blue neon kit off craigslist.

Scored a brand new cowl hood off craigslist for 160

I took it down by the bridge to the beach to get some nice photos of it.

Then recently, I purchased a set of the LED taillights.

After lowering it I quickly found out how huge the transmission crossmember was, so I ordered a KR Fabs one, powder coated it and threw it under there.

Right now Im waiting for my SS bumper to get back from paint. I was lucky to trade NLC my stock Xtreme bumper for his SS bumper. Miss match pics lol

I got it pretty flush, still needs a little tweaking.
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I picked up a pair of white LED bulbs at Wal-Mart. Very bright white light, but not a real long throw. However, with my night vision backup camera, not really an issue and they are so bright it's hard for people to miss the fact that I am in reverse.
Just pop some Diode Dynamics XML2 LED bulbs in your stock headlight housings and the deer will have nowhere to hide.......:D The amount of light they put out is truly impressive.

I just bought some XML2's for my wife's Acadia to go in her low beam projectors.....boy, would I like to get my hands on the engineer who dreamed up the design on those headlights!
To replace the OEM bulb with another OEM bulb you have to go in through the wheel well and it is a royal pain. After struggling for 30 min to fit the XML2 in the housing (the bulb has a built-in cooling fan on the back) I gave up. I will have to remove the entire headlight assy. in order to fit it in there. Because of that, I will just wait to do it after I order the high beam bulbs as well and do them all at once.
I will be passing through on I-95 today on my way to Davie. Wave if you see a .355 CAL silver bullet pass by. :D
I will be headed back Wednesday evening. I will probably leave Davie around 6 or 7 pm.
Ok, I will play it by ear and keep you posted. It may depend on what time I manage to leave Davie.
Ouch! Where did you buy them?
I didn't get out of Davie until 7:30 and am currently at the West Palm Beach service plaza on the turnpike. I think I will be passing through your area a little too late to meet up.
Yep, made it home around 11:30 pm.

Hey, if you don't want to drive all the way to Tallahassee for the meet in July, just drive as far as Sanford and you can ride with me. I suspect your Rado wouldn't be very happy with you if you took it off-road anyway. :lol:
I am going to have to stop by and borrow your picture spot on one of my trips to South FL.
I was just in Miami last week......and I may be headed back down there today, I am waiting for confirmation. Not sure the lighting conditions will be good with the cloud cover from the tropical storm moving in however... If I do go to Miami today I will be heading back on Wednesday.
Hey David, it was great meeting you Wednesday! Remember we were talking about the Diode Dynamics XML2 LED bulbs I am running in my truck and I told you the trouble I was having getting them to fit in my wife's GMC Acadia? I figured it out! :th_woot: There is a cap on the end of the XML2 bulb (see below) that was keeping the bulb from fitting into the projector housing.
The one on the right is all scuffed up from me trying to fit it into the housing.
The cap screws right off, which I discovered by accident when I loosened it trying to stuff it into the projector housing. :ugh: I guess it is there to hold the bulb in place in some vehicles.
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Was time for a little oil change and tune up on the old girl. Also cleaned the TB and MAF, air filter, and replaced the plugs.
I also did an oil change over the weekend, but I don't have to jack my truck up to get under it. :lol:

My wife's Acadia is a different story. I had to jack it up pretty high for me to fit under it, but the oil filter can only be reached from the top......I could barely reach it with the front end in the air. It was so much fun I told my wife that our friend who owns a repair shop can do it from now on. :D
Looks like you are converting to duals in both front and rear. :lmaop:
That turned out nice! I was fortunate that the Z71 trucks run the same bulb in the factory fogs as the high beams. With XML2's all around and both the fogs on with low beam and high beam conversions, my truck lights up the road like a football stadium at night. I have not had anyone flash their lights at me yet, I think the key is how they are aimed. Go ahead and do that fogs on with high beams conversion, it's not that hard.
While you are prepping for Matthew, I am eating lunch in Biloxi, Mississippi on my way to New Orleans.....what's wrong with this picture? I will be back home Thursday....just in time for Matthew to arrive.....but without any time to prepare....good thing I live inland.
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