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06 I5 brake problems + DTCs

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Hey everybody, been a while since I've been on here. Got married, became a dad, expecting another one soon, all the good stuff, haha.

To get to my issue, my 2006 Xtreme will not pass inspection and has to sit in a storage lot all day because my brake lights do not work. Every time I press the brake pedal, the stop light fuse blows. I have changed out the brake light switch, and unplugged the light at the connection by the battery, but to no avail. I borrowed a code reader from a buddy at work, and came back with two DTCs. P0449 is one, but I do not know much about it other than I need to find out more. The other code has to do with the brake lights, and is a P1574. Can anyone give me any clue in heck ,s to what I am
dealing with here? I have the I5, with about 57000 miles on it.
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Welcome back Jessie and congrats on your new family.

Do you have a trailer hitch harness? If so try unplugging it.
It's obvious that you have a dead short to ground.
Thank you sir, I appreciate it. No, I do not have a trailer hitch, or any modifications. I even went as far as taking the grill, headlights, and bumper off to try and find a short anywhere. Again, no avail.
P0449 is a easy fix. Vent valve solenoid.

P1574 is a speed sensor problem.

Since your truck is in storage a lot. Any signs of rodents nests or wires being chewed on?
Thank you for looking into those.

Well, the truck has only been sitting there for a couple of weeks or so, and is outside on asphalt, but I can understand what you're thinking. I have not seen any nests, or chewed wires, anything of that sort though however.
I figured I would come in and update this post. My parents came by this weekend to help my wife and I move into our new house, and while there my Dad took a look at the truck. Come to find out, the cruise control fuse had blown, and that was what was causing the brake light fuse to keep blowing. I feel like an idiot. Thanks to my dad though, I now have a working vehicle, and a cluttered house to unpack, haha.
Glad to hear your problem got resolved and a big solute to your dad!!:salute:
Awesome feeling when you find out it was something simple.....normally is a cheap fix; like it was in this case
Congrats on everything! I do have two cents to throw in for your rolodex of knowledge. There was a recall on brake light switch for my 05 2wd I5. I think it was sticking and keeping brake lamps lit after the pedal was released. Mine was fixed, but the brake lamp sockets on my truck have marks from what looks like overheating. If you or any other guys have brake lamp issues, check the condition of the socked where the brake lamp bulb is plugged in.
Okay now, final addition to this post. The fuse lasted all of a week, and I have no clue why because it has nothing to do with that. I have been driving this thing for a while and finally had had enough of it. I parked it in my front yard and commenced to pulling apart the entire interior. Warning, when pulling down, and putting the Sun roof back up, be careful, the clips are fragile... Anyway, there was a break in the wire just above the back seat, drivers side. It looks to be a bad spot, so anyone that may have trouble should look there first. I taped it all up, and replaced the fuse, and all is good now.
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