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Have a 07 Colorado I just picked up that had a blown engine. The previous owner had swapped in a 3.7 i5 with a turbo and blew it up. Truck was originally a 2.9 i4.

I found a 2.9 with a harness and slapped it in. I have my tuner guy throw the hp tuners on it and switch it all back to stock jaz and selected 4cyl.

The truck will crank and not start. Some times it sputters in attempt to fire up. As if the timing were way retarded.

The only code it throws is the p0315.. - Crankshaft Position System Variation Not Learned

I got a hold of a snap on scanner to to the re learn... but the scanner ask you to start the engine for the next step... which i cant do .

What should be my next steps?


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Tried gettin an os from hp tuners...pretty much told me to kick dirt good luck. Trying to knab another ecu.
ask and you shall receive.

I didn't know if you had a manual or automatic so I included both. The manual has some modification to it so you may want to have your tuner look it over before loading.


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