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10 3.7 to 08 3.7

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I'm new here and haven't ever done a motor swap on anything this new, I'm going from a 2010 3.7 colorado to a 08 3.7 canyon motor and have the whole truck, should I bother swapping computers or it should drop right on in right? Only asking about swapping computer since my little brother did a motor swap on his buddies truck and it's been in limp mode for the last couple months lol although i never asked/looker into it so it could've been something simple. Thanks in advance
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Welcome to the Nation.

I don't think the configuration of the 3.7 changed from '08 to '10, so there shouldn't be a problem with the physical installation.

Looking at the ECM connector pinouts indicates the two engine harnesses are wired the same. However, it seems that the two larger connectors, for the'08, have different part numbers than the '10. I'm unable to determine if they will or will not fit correctly. They are very similar in appearance so will need a close inspection of the terminals to determine compatibility. You will need to maintain the '10 ECM, as it is programmed for the Fuel Pump Control Module, that the '08 doesn't have.

Bottom line, you might have to use the '10 engine harness, if the two larger connectors on the '08 are not compatible with the connectors on the '10 ECM. When checking for similarities pay particular attention to the terminals. The part numbers for those are different also.

Keep us posted. Thanks
Sweet and thanks for the reply, I went out there a couple hrs ago and starting tearing into it... basically got all the minor stuff done before it started raining again. I'll probably go out here in a min and tear down the passenger of the '10 to check those harnesses since that ones somewhat covered from the rain.
Quick update. Never got to mess with either truck anymore Saturday. However yesterday I went out there and went pretty Gung-ho on everything so now everything that's left is just the knock sensors, gotta take the a/C compressor off my '10 since I don't wanna buy any R12 unless I have to, flange bolts, then motor mounts and a quick last look for any harnesses or hoses then both motors will be ready to get swapped. Hoping to do that today but anyone know a trick to getting that lower left flange bolt? I've a trans lines like half a inch away and obviously don't wanna get my acetylene torches near it and really don't wanna pull the lines.
Not quite clear what you are asking. When you say 'flange' bolt, are you referring to the transmission/engine mount bolts? If so, the lower left bolt shouldn't be near any transmission lines. If your talking about fuel lines, you should be able to just pop them loose from the retaining bracket. Or 'flange' bolt refers to something else.
Sorry shouldve been more clear, the exhaust flange bolts and transmission lines, I'm taking the manifold with the 08 motor. The videos I've seen people just hit it with acetylene but they've the lines pulled
So I ended up saying screw it, figured if the stud broke off I'd just extract it since it'd be easy to get to once the motors out. Sent it at 1400ft lbs and it came out without breaking on either truck lol guess I'm just use to ford flange bolts. Now just down to the mounts, or at least that's all I see and can think of other than the 2 lines running behind the compressor, plan on lifting the motor a little bit then getting those since they seem to be in a worse spot than the starter. But hoping to get my brother's cherry picker tonight and at least get the motor out of the '10 tonight so then I can just pull the 08 motor then spin the cherry picker around and then go Gung ho on hooking everything up tomorrow. Since this has already taken me 2 more days than I was planning. I just remembered I never got those harness pics but I mean either way I planned on using the '10 computer and harness just because it's less work. Although while unplugging stuff today I realized the lower o2 has a different plug than the 08 or at least I'm pretty sure so. Could've just been the manufacturer but the 08s was black and green and the 10s was grey and blue but I mean oh well I can steal a o2. More or less saying that for anyone whose doing this and doesn't want a code.
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I don't think the O2 Sensors are different. The Manuals indicate that the O2 connectors for both model years are the same. RockAuto (pretty reliable) sells the same OEM Sensors for '08 and '10.
Sorry I never seen you replied but your correct everything plugged in on the 08 motor from the 10s harness. Must've just been a replaced sensor. Update: I didn't do anything Monday-Friday since I couldn't get a cherry picker till Friday night... now both motors are out, the '08s in the 10 plugged in and basically ready to go other then I gotta put the fan and shroud on and top off fluids today. Help your self out and attach everything on the right side of the motor (starter and ac lines really) before you lower the motor completely down and itll help you out a lot. I just lowered the alternator down till it was basically even with the battery tray and everything reached. But honestly wasn't a bad swap other than just waiting on the picker or trying to find tools, worse part to the swap itself is the starter area and you can cheat that going in like i said. However if I wanted my odometer to say 102k I'd have to take the 08s computer right?
By the way huge thank you to you, Cart. I probably wouldn't of even messed with either truck if you didn't check those part numbers. Truth be told this is my first engine swap, I've done a couple tear downs before but never had to make it run again lol
Great progress, keep us posted. The mileage is stored in the BCM. Probably not a good idea to muck with that. The mileage is applicable to the truck, not the engine, so it should already be correct.
Well I kept all of the 10s wiring and modules only 08 part in the 10 is the motor and soon enough the trans. But I was just gonna switch out the computer blocks up on the firewall since it was just a few clips and then the harnesses and coolant reservoir. I counted pins they got the same amount and orientation was the only reason why I was gonna bother with that. It's not like I really care but if I ever do go to sell the truck, the 102k would help since it reads 242k right now. I know that is probably still considered rolling back miles but honestly I'll deal with it then, I didn't document this motor swap very well so other than that computer reading a different vin and miles i dont think a dealer would even believe the motor swap. Also more about the truck: poured fluids in and got the fan in, then cranked it and the truck fired right up, sounds like this manifold has a exhaust leak though lmao. The TPMS seems to be a little off but I'm hoping that's just the computer tryna learn the new motor. If I blip the throttle it holds 1.2k Rs after it's warmed up and takes a second to come down but guess that could also be a vacuum leak, I don't know I'll probably go do a little 30min drive with it before I dig into it anymore but no limp mode, no check engine light or anything like that. Feeling like I can actually relax now.
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Okay, a bit more about the mileage. Yes, if you were to replace the '10 BCM with the one from the '08, the mileage would then be 102K. If you did that, however, the mileage in the Cluster would not roll back to 102K. So you wouldn't accomplish what you are thinking. The mileage in the Cluster would not move until the memory in the '08 BCM got to 242k. Besides that, you would have to have the '08 BCM programmed for the '10 truck and then, if you wanted the lower mileage reading in the Cluster, you would have to change the Cluster to one with a reading lower than 102k. The mileage in a Cluster only moves forward, never back. There's a reason for that.

Just to clarify, You don't want to be switching out the 'computer blocks' (ECM/TCM) on the firewall. The '10 truck has a Fuel Pump Control Module installed and the '08 does not. The truck will not run with the '08 ECM. The module that has the mileage memory is the BCM. The BCM is located inside the cab, behind the right kick panel.

You might not be able to correct the exhaust leak without putting the '08 manifold on the '08 engine. Remember I mentioned that the exhaust ports appeared to be different? They might actually be so different that the manifold won't seal properly.
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Oh gotcha. I just didn't know if the computer would make my cluster read 102k since it's digital like I said this is my first engine swap led alone anything to do w a digital cluster other than swapping them out. But yeah I remember you had said something about the fuel pump wiring, that's why I was just wondering if I could swap out the blocks on the firewall but now that I'm actually thinking and not working yeah your right how would I even plug a 10 harness into a 08 if the FCM pin is different. And I did swap the 08 manifold in with the motor. I'm pretty sure the manifold gasket has a slight leak that I didn't catch since i didnt really run the donor. It's not like the trucks loud and raspy, it's just got a slight hum to it that my other motor didn't have.
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