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100,000 mile maintenance

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Hey all,
So currently I am at around 91,000 miles, and with my driving am fast approaching 100,000 with all the road trips planned for 2015. I am just wondering from any members who reached this milestone with their trucks what are some maintenance that I should do on my truck? Either "scheduled" or wear and tear items y'all swapped out at this moment?

I change the trucks oil regularly, just got the transmission flushed and with new fluid as well as with the radiator fluids. Along with lots of minor repair items. The mechanic said I have about 15,000 miles left for break pads, and said there are some leaks in some systems. One that stood out for me were the shocks and steering lines. I do not know if this is something that needs immediate fixing, everything is working properly. Also I plan on changing out the spark plugs and cleaning the fuel lines during my next oil change.

Any help or mementos of advice out there? Thanks
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Have the brake fluid flushed at the next brake change.
Can a break fluid flush be done at home, or is it something that needs to go to a shop?
It can be done most anywhere. If you don't have the equipment, you can do it "manually" but it will require two people.
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