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170* stat

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I think it's a Stant-14077 ? can't remember what i put in last time.
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it's the Stant pt #
Put the 160 thermostat in for the occasional 150 shot.
I found another Stant stat, pt#48327 that's a 170*.
it looks like it will fit so i am going to pick it up and
check it looks like a better fit.
Hey Al, did the stant 48327 ever work?
Don't remember what i finally ended up using. picked up a SLP 160* that i am
going to install shortly.still dealing with a running hot prob.
Yea I can't let mine sit and idle for to long, especially in Texas, it overheats at a drive thru. Let me know if the SLP works
Sounds like a efan might be in your future, I am assembling parts for mine now, its been in the triple digits for days here in SC already.
yea im doing a major cooling overhaul, ive got Supermods efan, new radiator, new thermostat (why im asking Al the questions lol) and a transmission cooler.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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