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1BADI5 CrewCab 3.5 5 Speed swap (4L60e to MA5)

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As the title states!

I ran across a truck last week that had 85% of everything I needed to do a 5 Speed swap on my truck. Upon inspection...... the swap is rather easy and straight forward! I will document this swap as a help to anyone that might want to do this; BUT this is not going to be a full blown "How To" because that would just take to much of my time that I need to do the swap itself!


- The mounting points (4 studs) for the clutch pedal are already on the firewall
- The wiring for the clutch pedal is tucked up under the dash (clutch start safety and CC switch)
- The firewall is not fully punched for the Clutch master cylinder, but the first layer of the firewall is..... so its pretty easy to finish the cut out
- You will need to swap your flywheel from the AT to the MT version AND will require a dowel pin and MT pilot bearing
- You can retain your current drive shaft
- The PCM will accept a Re-flash for the conversion EDIT: I would advise you to contact @Supermodulation prior to starting to sort out the PCM issue; its not a simple flash update to go from AT to MT as I expected
- You need to drop the lower dash board lower support bar out and drop the steering column down to remove the old brake pedal and install the manual pedals (Clutch and Brake)
- GM states the flywheel bolts (flywheels to crank) are not reusable (NOTE: these bolts are $7 ea and you need 8)(SPECs Below)
- GM no longer list the clutch pressure plate to flywheel bolts (SPECs Below)
** I have been told that the AT harness will plug into the MT transmission (NOTE - The VSS sensor it a direct plug and play, the Reverse lights will need to be rewired off form the 12 pin park position unit on the side of the transmission; you'll need a T56 pigtail)
- If you need the Hydraulic Clutch line from GM, you can only get from GM if you order the Clutch Master Cylinder comes as one assembly/package
- Retain the same radiator, just drain the DEX6 when the lines are removed and plug the hole (pending solution there)
- The I4 and I5 MT flywheels are different
- There is no need to remove the starter to remove the transmission OR the flywheel/flexplate
- If you use the Energy Suspension(ES) Transmission bushing/mount (Part # 3-1108) AND have the JTR Low Pro transmission cross member, you'll need to open up the mounting point on the cross member as where the mounting points on the ES bushing/mount are slightly narrow

-ALL UNK issues have been resolved as of 21NOV15

PARTS on hand or ordered:
- 06 MA5 trans (used junkyard) $425
- 06 pedals (brake/clutch) (used junkyard) $15
- 06 clutch master cylinder/Hydraulic clutch line - (GM 24249143) $92.13
- Royal Purple 75w90 (2.5 Qts Required) 3qts = $45
- Pilot bearing (GM 12557583) $17.51
- Fly wheel dowel pin (1) (GM 11503504) $4.07
- Floor shifter boot (GM 15840127) $32.23
- new e Brake cables (GM 25830085/25830082) (CREWCAB) $54.56 / $41.28
- Steering column cover set (GM 10376748) *includes upper/lower pieces $12.37
- NEW Clutch safety start switch (GM 15101582 ) $31.30
- NEW Clutch cruise control switch (GM 22620887) $12.37
- clutch slave cylinder - Duralast (great piece, includes a new sleeve, O-ring AND hydraulic line tool) DURALAST part # 900096, $82.07
- 3.5 SPEC brand Stage 1 clutch kit, $150
- Hurst Chevy Colorado shifter kit ( Core Hurst Shifter 2004 2012 Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon Truck AR5 5 Speed MA5 | eBay )
- Wiring harness pigtails ( T56 Connector Set of 3 Backup Reverse Lockout VSS Wiring Pigtail GM LT1 LS1 | eBay )
- Xtreme Manual cluster bezel (eBay, $65)
- Flywheel to crank bolts - Fastenal, $8.89
- clutch pressure plate to flywheel bolts - Fastenal, $2.19
- New OEM shift boot/console insert (GM 15112814) $128.58
- New OEM Flywheel (GM 19177876) $185.78 NOTE if you order a new flywheel from GM, it will come with the bolts
- New OEM tail shaft seal (GM 89048306) $58.33
- New transmission mount/bushing (Energy Suspension, Part #3-1108) $26


NEW Part numbers: The flywheels from the 2.8 and 3.5 ARE different

Flywheel 3.5 - GM Part Number 19177876, list $176.49
Flywheel 2.8 - GM Part Number 89060406, list $170.93

Torque SPECs as required:

- Flywheel to Crank bolts (8 bolts): 30 FtLbs, then 45*
- Clutch Pressure plate to Flywheel (6 bolts): 15 FtLbs, then 45*
- Clutch Slave Cylinder (2 bolts): 71 INCH pounds
- Transmission to Engine bolts: "PENDING"

** Pilot Bearing install depth is .457" **


Transmission wiring pin outs - Use a T56 reverse light pigtail (GRN/BRN)

The wire colors may differ, but you need to use PIN 10 and PIN 11 for your reverse signal.

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Re: Worlds first 2004 3.5 Crewcab ZQ8 5 speed

Coming right along, Jer, keep up the great work!
Re: Worlds first 2004 3.5 Crewcab ZQ8 5 speed

Great success!
Re: Worlds first 2004 3.5 Crewcab ZQ8 5 speed

Re: Worlds first 2004 3.5 Crewcab ZQ8 5 speed

Jeremy, how has the truck been after the swap?
Re: Worlds first 2004 3.5 Crewcab ZQ8 5 speed

Glad to hear, Jer. Amen on rev-matching! I rev-match (read engine-brake) every downshift. My goal is get 100,000 miles on the original brakes, lol. From what I've read of other members' experiences, doesn't sound like a hard thing to accomplish.
I forget if I've asked you this in another thread

What happens in your truck when you use cruise control if you depress the clutch? Does it disengage cruise or just let the intake run away with the rpms?

Mine does the latter.
Option 1, cancels the cruise.
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