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1ST Gen S - Blazer..sorry no 355 here

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I’ve posted pics here and there, but figured I’d throw up a build thread for you guys to see..
It’s a 1985 blazer, 2dr, 2wd, had a 2.8 v6 and manual trans.

It’s now still a 1985 blazer, but with a 3.5, and 4l60e, custom header, custom exhaust, and currently getting its body worked and painted..

Will be static lowered, and rollin on 15x4 in the front and 15x15 in rear.

This one is being made to look like it’s a door slammer, but in fact it’ll be a fun reliable drive anywhere vehicle.

And big thanks to Supermod for the ported TB and computer reprogram!
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Re: 1ST GEN Blazer..sorry no 355 here

Looking good so far can't wait to see what's next !
Re: 1ST GEN Blazer..sorry no 355 here

Looking good now take that lift kit off and get it on the ground !
Re: 1ST GEN Blazer..sorry no 355 here

You paint it there at your house ? What you do for booth just plastic covering everything and wet the floor ? You set up any fans and filters ? I'm thinking when my wagoneer is ready for paint ( next year ) I'm going to set up my garage to paint it myself and make a plastic wall to separate the two bays and put filters in my two windows that are up high and open the garage door some and set two box fans with pre filters to keep the paint out the motors and seal everything else with plastic and just keep the floor wet . should work ok I guess lol
Re: 1ST GEN Blazer..sorry no 355 here

Yeah I used to help my buddy do all over color changes at his house but he had one bay of his garage set up has a half as side draft but we still got some dirt in the clear but it was not to bad , like you said it all wet sanded out and after buffing looked great . I'm just a paranoid type person when it comes to that kind of stuff but I also have never done an all over by myself but its just paint and if I mess up ill just sand it back down and keep trying till I get it right lol

Well anyway back on topic , can't wait to see this thing finish coming together
I have always had good luck with the pins and bushings that you get in the HELP section at the auto parts stores , but one blazer I had the upper holes were so worn out I had to weld them solid and re drill the holes so I could put the new brass bushings in
Looking good ! IMO I like the air box better than the tube
Must be nice to have warm weather year round lol ! Looking good sir
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