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1ST Gen S - Blazer..sorry no 355 here

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I’ve posted pics here and there, but figured I’d throw up a build thread for you guys to see..
It’s a 1985 blazer, 2dr, 2wd, had a 2.8 v6 and manual trans.

It’s now still a 1985 blazer, but with a 3.5, and 4l60e, custom header, custom exhaust, and currently getting its body worked and painted..

Will be static lowered, and rollin on 15x4 in the front and 15x15 in rear.

This one is being made to look like it’s a door slammer, but in fact it’ll be a fun reliable drive anywhere vehicle.

And big thanks to Supermod for the ported TB and computer reprogram!
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Quit whorring your truck in other peoples build threads :gd
Agreed Lmao.

The blazer looks sweet man
havent even driven it yet, where did you come up with me selling my daily driver?

thanks, it's been a fun build.. almost time to sell it and start another :)
Thats where lol
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