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My Us truck is parked for the winter, I removed the bcm, to try and bench program it, to change it from imperial to metric speedo. I thought Id try my other cdn coly first in-case I muck up. It will not except a new Vin? I can reprogram it using GM TIs2Web, Pass through J2335 tool. But only with the original vin that was mated to the BCM?

So then I was curious if I could just use my cdn BCM, and get the fobs and cruise programed in, but I opened both modules, and compared, one has a antenna, one does not. But I discovered my 04 us BCM us burnt inside with one trace completely gone. This scares me! Time for a new BCM!

But I cannot get a used one or what? Can The dealer or TIS200 actually reprogram this damn thing or what? Am I stuck with a new one?

Next problem cannot find a 2004 BCM for use with factory keyless enrty

This is the part number on my US BCM with keyless 15126385 has antenna

CDN BCM 2004 not keyless 21997787 has no antenna

Note the 2004 BCM has an internal antenna and that's why its got such a crappy range!

Nalley GM, or google nothing comes up with a BCM for a 2004 with keyless entry, or BCM part number 15126385
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