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2004 Colorado I5 3.5 4x4 Transmission Drop

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Hi All,

Can some of you who have had experience let me know what I'm going to be getting into when dropping the Tranny? I've got to get to the back of the motor and need to do this. Any advice would be great. This is an AUTO.

1. How long it takes
2. Special Tools
3. Any Caveats? PITA moments?
4. Tricks or shortcuts always welcome
5. Is it a messy job, and will there by Tranny fluid that needs to go back into it when done?

Thanks a million!
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1. Depends on your experience, skill-level and setting (e.g. tools, shop, etc.). Can run from an afternoon to days...only you can tell.
2. Torque wrench, floor jack, or tranny stand, ratchet swivels and "service manual."
3. Again, only you can's all based on the experience.
4. Take your time, follow the service manual's steps and keep track of where all the parts came off/go.
5. Yes, but you will drain the fluid before cracking tranny loose and then refill upon completion. Get the proper gaskets and seals plus speedy dry for the mess.

Good luck & I'm sure more members will chime in with extra tips/tricks.
A 3' extension helps in the bell housing bolt removal. When going back, after a couple of bell housing bots are in make sure the torque converter turns free. A curved pic is handy when removing retaining clips for the lines.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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