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Ok so my truck sits at home and just grows grass since i have become a manager at my work and get to drive company cars every day of the week. I am looking to sell my Xtreme CC. Truck has 133k miles which are mostly highway from driving from Beechgrove, Tn to Lebanon, TN ( 60 miles 1 way for work). It is not in perfect condition but is in really good shape. It runs great. It has newer matching tires i just put on right before i became a manager last year in April and I have put maybe 1000 miles on it since then just putting around town to the dump or yard to keep the battery charged.

EDIT: Title is branded due to manufacturers buyback @ 3000 miles(talked to the previous owner earlier as he is interested in buying it back, he said the original owner took it back due to transmission problems which neither of us have ever experienced )...see pictures of autocheck and carfax below. Only accident i know of was from previous owner backing out of her garage at her condo into an apartment contractors van, put a tiny dent behind the passenger side of rear bumper but no paint damage. I have access to Carfax and AutoCheck and will include copies of both to the buyer.

This truck has:
leather interior with heated seats
onstar (will need radio adapter to allow onstar to function, wasnt important to me)
sirius xm adapter already connected to radio
tinted windows
remote start with keyless entry

Belltech complete strut/shocks with stock springs
JTR 2" blocks
Helper bags in rear for when i need to tow or haul something
hidden hitch behind the bumper(hole cut behind license plate)
2 10" pioneer shallow mount subs under rear seat
pioneer amp behind rear seat with bass knob
alpine 6.5" speakers in all 4 doors
sony double din head unit
usb port for charging or connection to head unit to play music
ddm tuning 4500k hid in low beams and fogs
black housing headlights and marker lights
instrument cluster has white needles and white led's done by me!
door panels/hvac panel/ headlight switch all have upgraded white led's
footwell led's in front
very bright led panels in dome light
k&n air intake
bored throttle body
limeswap pcm
eagle eye led tail lights
stubby antenna
Goodmark cowl hood

Current needs:
Driver seat heater switch is inoperative and will need to be replaced ($75 @
Driver rear window does not go down(FIXED IT, switch contacts were dirty)
Passenger rear seat fold down latch is stuck in the up position and will not come down.
both rear head rest have been removed for kids seats (i have both head rests)
center rear seat belt has been removed due to running amp wiring and never needing center buckle. ( i have the seat belt)

If you are interested please let me know.

KBB shows excellent condition at $10518 for private party sell as a stock vehicle
KBB shows very good condition at $9762 for private party sell as a stock vehicle
KBB shows good condition at $8848 for private party sell as a stock vehicle

I feel this vehicle doesn't fall under the criteria of good condition but the very good condition, none the less I feel with all the modifications this vehicle should easily bring in $10,000. I am open to reasonable and fair offers but my requested price is $9,500 obo

Please attempt to contact me via text or email first. I work in a very fast paced production facility that is also an automotive reconditioning facility and am not always able to get to a phone call right away.

edit: i also have 3 decent boss 330 wheels black with polished lip. Tires currently mounted but I believe only 2 are decent shape. I cracked 1 rim badly when we moved from Smyrna, Tn. If i receive full asking price i will throw these in for the buyer.

thanks for looking, this is not good bye just dont want the truck to sit and waste away while someone else can be enjoying it as much as we have!

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updated OG post with screen shots of Autocheck and Carfax screen shots.

it appears it was branded due to manufacturer buy back in 2006. I do remember talking to a service writer at Chevrolet who told me the reason it was bought back was due to an ongoing brake issue that was eventually repaired once bought back. by then they cannot reverse the branded title. essentially it means nothing.

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hey wondering if you got a picture of your cluster at night ? I want mine exactly like yours I think

good luck of the sale !!

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Yeah but at the same time i need money, we are selling our rental house and this truck to fix our master bath where the shower has begun leaking into the crawl space. We've had to use the kids bathroom for the past few weeks. Plus the money from the house sale will pay off most of our debt so that we can build me a shop out here.

Ive called 3 contractors to redo our bathroom and all 3 have never called back or anything so once it sells im starting demo by myself. Woohoo fun!

The wife also saw this critter crawl out of our non working hot tub in the deck.....

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No!! Always loved your truck Jonathon I hope it went to someone who will take care of it. We'll miss yall at SESM this year
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