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2005 Colorado LSA supercharged 6.0 & 6L80e Build thread

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Hey guys, this will hopefully be the start to my build thread in an attempt to keep me motivated. I just bought a 2005 Crewcab 4x4 Colorado a couple months ago. I have big plans for it already.

I picked it up for 4K and then gave it a good cleaning. The day after I bought it, I found a 4" lift for $250 at the salvage yard so I put that on along with some cheap 35" tires and did a spring over conversion on the rear. I Also got a good deal on a toolbox from Autozone so I installed that as well. That brings us up to speed for the current mods from the last couple months.

In the mean time, I have been collecting parts for a v8 swap. So far I have bought a

-6.0 that will be pulled from my 4runner with the LSA supercharger
-6L80e out of a 2010 Tahoe
-Northwest fab Billet dual transfercase box
-Chevy NP205 transfercase
-Ford 9" rear axle
-Ford Superduty 1350 CV driveshafts
-Colorado V8 Manifolds
-ZL1 Camaro Wiring Harness
-2012 Malibu Foor shifter
-I machined an adapter for the 8 bolt NP205 to the 6 bolt pattern
-E67 ECM

Cleaned up and lift installed:

Body mount cut to clear 35's:

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I don't really have any pictures of just the wiring for the 6L80e. It should just use the wires that normally go to the T42, but instead they get routed to the T43. Once the 6l80e is wired up, you just do a read of the PCM and TCM and it shows up as the E67 and T43 seperately. All the trans settings are in the T43. You just have to make sure the years of the PCM and TCM Operating systems are compatible with each other.
Hey that's an insane build. In fact you inspired me to build 04 Colorado the same way minus the blower and 4wd. I just have a few concerns and would really appreciate your help.

  • Does the 6L80e fit without modifying the trans cross member?
  • Did you have to get the TCM out of the trans to flash it?
  • Did you have any problem with the backup/reverse light not working?
  • What operating systems did you use to run your E67+T43?
  • What did you do about the paddle shift option?
  • From what I read on this forum everyone was saying you can't use gen 4 LSx for 06 or 07 model and older. Did you have any problem with doing so?
1 - 1 of 116 Posts
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