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Yes, I have searched and read every thread I can find here, at ColoradoFans, and any where else I could find. I find threads with similar problems to mine, but the threads just die, with the OP never telling how the problem was resolved.

So...coming home my rear u-joint went out. No biggie, had some tools, took it off, popped it into 4x4 and off I went. On the way I hit a pothole and the service 4 wheel drive came on the DIC and the lights went off on the selectors on the dash. When I got home I hit the 2 wh hi button which unlocked the front end but not the transfer case.

So here I sit. The transfer case locked in but not the front axle and no lights on the dash. When I hit the 2 wh hi button I can here the actuator trying to unlock the transfer case but it is bound up. Reading up on it it appears the TC being bound up is not that uncommon, and driving it in reserve for 100 yards or so will solve the problem most times, but without the front end locked in this doesn't help.

So to recap. I know the TCCM, dash buttons, and TC actuator are working to some extent. But not being able to lock the front end in is a problem. Any suggestions?
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