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2006 GMC Canyon Canada

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New to the forum as I recently bought a 2006 GMC Canyon Crew Cab from Impact Auctions here in Canada. The truck was in an accident. It was hit on the back left corner and the back window was completely gone. There is also 2 dents on the box. Currently fixing it up with the help of my Gf's dad who is a body man. Figured it would be perfect to post under this section. I'll be posting progress as things get done. There will be lots of pictures! To start here are pictures of it when it was at the auction site.


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What the heck... how did dirt and mud get up there, and what happened to the top of the cab? Did a tree fall on it or something?

Good luck with it, looking forward to seeing progress. What are your plans?
Nice to see it getting done the right way.
1 - 2 of 111 Posts
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