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2006 GMC Canyon Canada

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New to the forum as I recently bought a 2006 GMC Canyon Crew Cab from Impact Auctions here in Canada. The truck was in an accident. It was hit on the back left corner and the back window was completely gone. There is also 2 dents on the box. Currently fixing it up with the help of my Gf's dad who is a body man. Figured it would be perfect to post under this section. I'll be posting progress as things get done. There will be lots of pictures! To start here are pictures of it when it was at the auction site.


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Damn,I was going to say chop the top 2" since you were replacing the roof anyway, but it looks like I'm a little too late!
I was thinking that too! or a custom panorama sun roof....
I'd love to have a sunroof but this build has been coming together to fast for me to decide on extras like that right now. Definitely gonna look into putting a sunroof in later down the road.
Wll it is one of those things that you can cut in later but it is permanent and your committed when you start. That is a tough decision when you have so much else on the list to get done
Yea exactly. That is something I have to think about for awhile and not just do on a whim because I can.

Truck is ready for paint and will hopefully be painted by Wednesday. Nothing really worth taking pictures of at this point. The next pictures you see will be of the finished truck.
Aww yeah!

This is coming along quick indeed.

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Yea I'm pumped to get it on the road!
Big Update: The truck is now completely repaired! Getting the safety done on Friday as well as the etest and then it will be getting an inspection before it is on the road.

Pictures coming soon!
Big Update: The truck is now completely repaired! Getting the safety done on Friday as well as the etest and then it will be getting an inspection before it is on the road.

Pictures coming soon!

That's awesome news!:th_woot:
Pictures of the finished truck. Still a few loose ends to do but pretty much done.


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It looks just like I remember it. Well, actually even better. I prefer the stock grill over the aftermarket one that was on there. Well done!

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Same I'm gonna keep the grill that way.
So the truck is all done and on the road again. From this point i will be posting any mods that I do on this thread.
On my to do list are:
-Swap out all interior lights for led
-Install a 3.8L Taurus dual speed efan that I have lying around
-Paint brake drums black
-Paint interior plastic(more specifically the bezel around the stereo and vents)
-Possibly swap the seats out for leather seats
-Possibly put in a sunroof
-Swap interior handles for chrome handles
-Install Dayco belt tensioner
I finally got around to putting the tonneau cover on.


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Few Updates:
Scored a bed rug for $70. Swapped all the interior lights for LED. Switched the gauge cluster for a newer one. I also painted the air vents and the radio bezel black.

In the Near Future:
09+ brake swap, got everything I need for it just need to find the time to install it.
Also have some LED strips on the way which I'm going to install in the bed of the truck.


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Great deal on the Bedrug.
You'll love the LED strips in the bed. I'm really glad I did that mod. I'm looking at mounting some in the engine bay now.
Yea, loving the bed rug. Got it from a lady who got it with her truck when she bought it and had it on kijiji for like 2 months. So I snagged it when the price dropped.
I'm really looking forward to putting the 09 brakes on. The brakes on the 04-08 suck a**!
Where are you planning to tap in for power for the lights in the bed? & nice clean lookin truck!

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