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Hello, I have a 2007 colorado, 2.9l manual transmission im looking to get an HPtune done. Seems like its impossible to get done online. I don’t know what a tuning application is and I guess that’s needed. Does anyone know of somewhere local to the south Denver area that can do a tune. I really just need the vats/passlock gone but wouldn’t mind other things done.

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He's probably asking you to make sure you have "HPtuners" the program and connected for your truck.

It's the program he uses and will send you files for. Once you have that, you can load and load and load as many tunes as you can pay for (but I bet the first one is perfect). The program is a one time fee, and Supermod's tunes are affordable. Not to mention the BEST

literally the BEST. nobody knows these trucks better than him. He'll set you up right; Just tell him the specs and mods on the vehicle, and go.

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he may be talking about an attachment he sent you. it looks like this ... answer a few questions and send it back to him ... the below is just a snip-it, not the full application.

Subject: SuperMod tuning Application, PCM Removal Instructions
SuperMod Tuning Application & Agreement
This application is to help you get the best street tune for your money.
Please fill out all information below correctly and accurately as you

**Your vehicle information:**
VIN Number:
Odometer Mileage:
Tire size:
What brand fuel do you use:?
Other, please describe?

***Your vehicle modifications:***
All vehicle maintenance on time and completed?
Aftermarket radio (HU) and door chime module, what brand/model?
Remote start system, what brand/model?
HID lights?
After market wheels, size?
Was your vehicle tuned before?
High output alternator?
Air intake, make and model?
Electric fan (efan)?
Gutted cat(s)Primary/seconday:
Exhaust system:
Ported Throttle Body?
Nos, Wet/Dry?
Transmission Servo?
Spark Plugs?
My Truck is lifted?
My Truck is lowered?
Other, please describe?

******How would you like your vehicle tuned?******
A. 100% Economy?
Description: Economy tunes do not increase HP but maximize fuel mileage. For the Hypermiler.

B. 50% Economy and 50% Performance?
Description: The 50/50 option is best for the daily driver who needs just a little more HP but retain some economy.

C. 100% Performance, I don't care about gas mileage?
Description: For either the Lifted trucks with big wheels or for the driver who has the need the speed!!

D. Other, Please specify?

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I have tried, he has responded but is asking for a tune application. I dont know what that is. Ive emailed him but he must be on vacation.
James is a busy dude, but top notch. Call or text is the best way to get a response from him. Emails and PMs won't help you.

And yes, you must fill out the application via email.

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Cool, I think I have a good start to this. I do have one question. For tire size I am asked to do this..
I need you to measure your two front wheels and look up your drive train axle ratio?

To calibrate your Speedometer (speedo). I will need you to measuring your two front wheels rolling weight diameter.
a. Place something flat on top in the center (balance) of your two front tires.
b. On level ground, using a tape measure or yard stick.
c. Measure from level ground to the top of your front wheel. Make sure you are in the center of the axle hub.

Is this saying to lay something flat on the top of my tire but then measure just to the top of the rim or to the tire?
Thanks again,
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