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Okay folks this is what i have:
2009 colorado lt 2wd
I4 engine
16" factory rims with 215/70r16 rubber
ZERO mods or lifts

I'm being told that because I have 16" rims that i won't have a torsion bar but rather coil over springs.

I want bigger tires. I'm tired of grounding out when i'm hunting. I need more ground clearance. However, I don't have the funds to do a lift kit / suspension lift atm.

So what I've started looking at tires. The only problem is apparently I'm the only one on this site that has stock 16" rims and not 15"ers; cause every time I do a search (and i've spent two days going through all the various results) i can't find the information i'm looking for.

I've used This tire size calculator to determine that I want to replace my 215/30r16s (27.85") with either 245/75r16s (30.47 +(2.62" lift)) or 255/70r16s (30.06 (+2.2" lift). But will they fit without me having to trim/lift/or have scrubbing issues.

Then I found this picture on this site. The photo clearly shows that there is a significant height difference between the 215/70r16 and the 245/75r16 (which the 255 should be just about the same as there is only a .4 tens of an inch difference between it and the 245)

This is my truck:

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no some have 17"(Z71s standard) and 18"(ZQ8s standard)

16"s came on the Z85s... since he is a 2wd with 16's he has a z85 and therefor has coil springs
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