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Who Should Win Truck of the Year?

  • 05RadoXtreme

    Votes: 3 2.6%
  • 1BADI5

    Votes: 24 21.1%
  • BlackZQ8

    Votes: 5 4.4%
  • crazyeyez

    Votes: 4 3.5%
  • GMCanyonL76

    Votes: 5 4.4%
  • GregDAP

    Votes: 6 5.3%
  • rshadd

    Votes: 19 16.7%
  • slicksteveo13

    Votes: 7 6.1%
  • scochatm

    Votes: 4 3.5%
  • un4giv3n

    Votes: 37 32.5%

2014 TOTY Voting Thread - Do your duty as a member of The Nation!

16202 Views 275 Replies 33 Participants Last post by  un4giv3n
2014 Truck of the Year entrant profiles:

Please vote for your favorite Nation member, according to these factors:

  • Activeness/Participation in 355Nation forums
  • Mod Quality
  • Mod Quantity (from time of purchase)
  • Picture Quality

Voting will close on the last day of the year and the winner will be announced on or around February 1st. If there are any questions feel free to ask. Good luck everyone!

Prizes are:
  • Prestige
  • Front Page Bragging Rights
  • DKMoulds $50 Gift Certificate. Thanks Dan! @un4giv3n
  • 11x14" hand drawn portrait of the winners truck by @blurred. Thanks Boyd!
  • A 355Nation lanyard in the color of your choice courtesy of Blurred.
  • Slick & Dirty Motorsports will donate shirt, hat, koozie, gift cert. to the winner.
  • If you would like to contribute a prize for the TOTY winner, shoot me a PM.
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This should be a hell of a run this year..................and I have a whole bunch of new stuff to add in the next month
This is gonna be hard I love lowered trucks but there is some awesome ******* trucks
Good luck guys
Via mobile..I get Invalid thread Id 2014 when I click on my album link...and with the new mobile version it just brings you to the "homepage" for the site for everyone else's. :gd: just a heads up.

Anyway.. Good luck everyone :salute:
Voted. Good luck all.
Just because I'm running doesn't mean I'm done modding........all kinds of stuff coming this month

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If your following me on IG you'll have a hits up on whats going down
Tough choices, but I voted (and not for myself) Good luck to all!
Just to show the caliber of members we have here.

Dan aka @un4giv3n hooked me up with these Smoked AC/RECIRC buttons for my truck.

Differently cool to be running with guys like Dan

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That shits awesome Jeremy
And that's very cool of u Dan
Too many cool trucks and great people. Good luck to all and Happy New year's!
Wish we could vote more than once but uhg hum... "There can only be one"
Morning keep this poll fresh and on top

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Some may like to mod over the life of the truck, For me I had a vision of what I wanted before I even bought the truck and I did the majority of my mods in the first year that I purchased my truck. However last year, when I thought that I was done modding, along comes all the parts for a H3 shifter conversion using the Colorado console. It ties in nicely with the ebony leather bucket seats, matching leather door panels and the H3 armrest.

Nothing flashy here, just subtle and clean.
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In the Oxford Dictionary under the definition of "clean" there should be a picture of that interior @rshadd you've done it right and set the bar high for sure!

Well I finished my first mod of the new year ......enjoy

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Exactly put Jer. @1BADI5 . Rich has the Cleanest truck I have seen..everything looks perfect.

Nice mod..can't wait to get you those headlights back to install :th_woot:
Yeah I got busy this week.....I have them packaged up and ready to go @un4giv3n
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