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2015 Colorado LT

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Just ordered. Can't give you any pictures right now because it's an order. But here is the summary sheet of what was ordered:

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I have to keep mods minimal if I'm going to get the new Z06. GFs rule.
So Matt your trying to earn back your 355 card huh :lol: :fugrin:

Congrats on the order
Nope. I liked the new Colorado once I saw them coming into production. On top of that, the girlfriend made me an offer. Since she can't drive stick, she would also drive the Camaro. But due to the mods, she hated driving it. So she promised me that if I sold or traded the Camaro for a Colorado, that she would help me acquire a new Z06. Since she's wanted a pick up truck for the longest time, she'll drive the colorado as well in case she needs to. So in the end, I get rid of the Camaro and get a 2015 Colorado and a 2016 Z06.

Nice I wish the prices were better on them and I would get one myself, but I have too much I want to do around the house to take another car loan on.

I'm surprised you didn't go for the diesel, I figured you would have wanted the added power since you are ditching the Camaro and I'm assuming waiting a bit for another vette. If the diesels are anything like the overseas models they should be very reliable as well. 3.6L still looks solid though. My mom got an SRX with a similar drivetrain and the 3.6L and the only complaint I have is the factory transmission tuning, but definitely lots of potential hiding with simple changes.
Remember I live near Supermod and since I have the Camaro, I have extensive knowledge of where to get power adders for the LFX engine.
Just don't stop complaining about the delivery times over here. :lmao:

I would love to pick one of these trucks up in the future...
you mean start :lol:

I was told 4-6 months for my delivery. I simply said "I guess I'll just have to continue driving the Audi then" till my truck comes.
:lol: Yeah, don't start. No clue how that messed up.

And Audi?

The backstory behind that is this. My gf had a 2008 Pontiac torrent GXP but it blew up. Lots of transmission warranty work. So she told me it was time to get a new vehicle but she didn't know what to get. So I pointed her towards Audi and she got the Audi Q5. Her mom on the other hand was driving a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville POS. Anytime Heather would take her mom out, they would take the Audi. Her mom fell in love with it and kept bothering my gf to borrow her car. Heather wasn't having any of it. So instead, she bought the Audi A6 for her mom to use. But then, her mom ended up in a medical nightmare resulting in arthritis and spinal stenosis. It was so bad her mom couldn't walk and use simple motor functions. This resulted in emergency surgery.

Since her mom was deemed incapacitated and unable to drive, Heather was convinced her mom would never walk again, let alone drive. In that instance, she basically said that shes taking her car back. And since she'd hate to waste a perfectly good, brand new 2013 Audi A6, she told me to use it. This prompted me to sell my trailblazer.

Low and behold, her mom has emergency surgery and the miracle came through that allowed her mom to walk. She's doing so with the help of a walker and rehab, but still unable to drive. However, her mom has been complaining that she wants her car back. So this prompted discussions with the gf about which direction to go. Then she made me the offer about the colorado.

You can see in the attached picture, before the driveway was done, her Audi Q5 behind the Camaro and the Audi A6 to the side of the garage.


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Hence why the house is mortgage free, all of her cars are paid off in full (2 Audis and the Corvette) and she's willing to help me get a new 2016 Z06.

She would get one now but she wants to make sure the bugs are all out first before spending $100K on a car
Good things come with good fiscal planning. Unless the government is involved.
not so much fiscal planning, more like whopping inheritance :lol:

Would this truck count towards a loyalty award?
That's next years toy
So everyone is asking or trying to figure out what the laser blue looks like. I was told by some GM people's it's not metallic, and told by others it is.

It turns out, if you look up the 2005 Chevrolet Impala paint code for laser blue, is identical to the paint code for the 2015 laser blue colorado.

Here are some pictures of Laser Blue Impalas for reference:

2005 Laser Blue Monte Carlo:

2006 Laser Blue Cobalt
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That doesn't look anything like Victory Red.
^^ :yeahthat:

def gonna look sick with some wheels and tires and some lift haha
it already comes with wheels and tires and as soon as i sit in it, its gonna drop :lol:
I just have 1 question. Where do I find a gf like yours? Haha
shes one of a kind and shes mine!!! :th_woot:
Wait, you aren't bitching about not having your truck yet?!?!

Apparently, you aren't the average consumer in the market for these trucks... Or you just haven't read the memo.
So doing my research and being aware that the blue trucks don't start production till the end of this month means I still have to bitch. Definitely missed that memo!!!

Is this better :mad5:
Better? Not really... More along the lines of a normal post by someone waiting for their truck? yep.

When it comes to the Z06, I may bitch a little more :lol:
If you actually bought it I would agree with you but I'm with Boyd. There's no bitching allowed when you aren't even married and you've been mooching her vehicles and money. She must not be too bright, that or she's lacking horribly in the looks department.
trust me, shes probably a lot smarter than most people on this forum. And there is no mooching.

Anything and everything associated with the Camaro has come out of my pocket. She chose on her own to get the Corvette. Now would I object to it, of course not.

The Colorado, once again, everything with it will be out of my pocket. As for the new Z06, she was interested in it as well.

so where´s the damn new truck! I wanna see some pics of that sexy yota killer
New truck is somewhere sitting in pieces in the Wentzville factory.
holy shit, I haven´t been following the entire thread but I dude you and your GF put some serious cash on cars.

I´m still struggling to get this damn 2012 truck paid. (...and it was only $25K LOL!!! )
Well, aside from the lucky inheritance she got, she makes about 2X what I make jobwise.
How can you buy a new truck when you have a car with a loan on it still that hasn't sold?

So you get an idea of my perspective. I'm 25 single no kids own my own home($143K, $1100 a month mortgage), work 50 hours a week, 2 paid off vehicles(07' rado, 03' grand am), and make $80K a year and I couldn't throw money around like you two are doing. Last time you spoke about a career, you said you were a DJ. Where the hell is the money coming from if it's not mooching?
Everyone talks about me and the DJ. That wasn't my career, that was my side job. I work in finance, running a trading team for a stock company. Feb 24 this year will mark 12 years in my company. Up until Nov 2012, I was working in the customer service area of the company. Nov 2012 is when I was promoted to operations, and the end of last year I was made Senior Employee Equity Plans Specialist.

As for the house, she inherited the house along with everything else. No mortgage to pay. We have no kids, just two dogs.
So if you broke up tomorrow and had to leave, you could afford paying rent or mortgage, utilities, plus the vehicle loans? If not, that's mooching because without her you would be in a much different place.
Yes I could. Could I take my Camaro, go find my own place and pay for, absolutely.

If I was mooching, then why would the Camaro still have a loan on it? As for the truck, the Camaro, if it doesn't sell, is getting traded in. So its still just one loan.

She doesn't pay any of my personal bills. Do I pay some bills for the house now, yes I do.

Granted, the situation I'm in now has afforded me more luxuries that I would lose in the case we break up, but its not like I'm a poor ass either.

My recent promotions have also helped my personal situation as well.
Order finally accepted by GM. Now we wait for the build and shipping process.
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