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2015 Colorado LT

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Just ordered. Can't give you any pictures right now because it's an order. But here is the summary sheet of what was ordered:

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The backstory behind that is this. My gf had a 2008 Pontiac torrent GXP but it blew up. Lots of transmission warranty work. So she told me it was time to get a new vehicle but she didn't know what to get. So I pointed her towards Audi and she got the Audi Q5. Her mom on the other hand was driving a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville POS. Anytime Heather would take her mom out, they would take the Audi. Her mom fell in love with it and kept bothering my gf to borrow her car. Heather wasn't having any of it. So instead, she bought the Audi A6 for her mom to use. But then, her mom ended up in a medical nightmare resulting in arthritis and spinal stenosis. It was so bad her mom couldn't walk and use simple motor functions. This resulted in emergency surgery.

Since her mom was deemed incapacitated and unable to drive, Heather was convinced her mom would never walk again, let alone drive. In that instance, she basically said that shes taking her car back. And since she'd hate to waste a perfectly good, brand new 2013 Audi A6, she told me to use it. This prompted me to sell my trailblazer.

Low and behold, her mom has emergency surgery and the miracle came through that allowed her mom to walk. She's doing so with the help of a walker and rehab, but still unable to drive. However, her mom has been complaining that she wants her car back. So this prompted discussions with the gf about which direction to go. Then she made me the offer about the colorado.

You can see in the attached picture, before the driveway was done, her Audi Q5 behind the Camaro and the Audi A6 to the side of the garage.
Man that is quite the whirlwind. Glad everything worked out, especially on the colly and (eventually) z06 front lol. I know James will be happy to play around with a local new gen besides just the loaners he's had.
Better? Not really... More along the lines of a normal post by someone waiting for their truck? yep.

At least it's acceptable :shrug:
Much better looking tails! Now LED em and smoke em.
Hell yeah man! Love those things.
1 - 4 of 263 Posts
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