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2015 Colorado LT

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Just ordered. Can't give you any pictures right now because it's an order. But here is the summary sheet of what was ordered:

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99% sure it will be going by rail, probably to Little Ferry then to truck for final delivery.
Congrats Matt, love the color, looks great!!! @Blue15ColoradoLT
Damn them LED headlights are bright, I really wanted to go to them, but was nervous about light output, yours clearly dispell that myth.
Actual 4 piston calipers???????? how do they feel?

I wonder if there is a way to retrofit those to the first gen 355????
Holy hell, here we go!! I'll check the JY's around here and see if they have any yet, if not it won't be long, retards in SC cant drive worth a damn.
Happy Bday Matt, I turned 40 yesterday
Can't wait to see what James has cooked up now
1 - 6 of 263 Posts
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