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Hello I purchased a 2022 Colorado ZR2 four weeks ago. Almost immediately I started hearing a "clunking" noise coming from the rear of the truck. I figured newness of the suspension wearing in. Well the clunking got more noticeable and I took it back to the dealer I purchased it from yesterday November 22nd (Jupiter Chevrolet in Garland Texas). Service manager said "this is normal for this vehicle and there's nothing we will do". He drove it around their parking lot twice (3-4 minutes).
If you push on the rear of the bed and push it back and forth the clunking is definitely coming from the rear diff. I suspect it is excessive play in the rear end that can be corrected by installing correct shims or C-clip. Chevrolet published a bulletin January 2021 stating this exact issue. Have any of you heard or have had this issue and was it resolved?
I will be visiting a local gear shop next week to get a second opinion and if needed get it resolved then contact Chevrolet for a refund (doubt I'll get it). This vehicle will be spending time off road and be used as it was intended and I want assurance it won't have a mechanical issue while off-road.

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