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3.5 engine and turbo kit

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I recently picked up an 05 with a turbo kit on it. I only drove the truck a few hundred miles and the trans went. Long story short, we sold our wrangler for this prerunner colorado so I already have a 6.0 and 6L80e that was planned for the jeep so it's now going in the colorado. Motor supposedly is a crate motor with around 3,000 miles, I have no way of verifying this. Previous engine blew up with a supercharger on it, and was replaced with a new crate motor, then the next owner put on the turbo with less than a 1000 miles, again, just what I was told. It has an air/water intercooler, bullseye turbo, JGS blowoff, had an ebay tial knockoff wastegate that wasn't working right, so I put on a real Tial less than 100 miles ago. I'll take some pics later, hoping to maybe get some interest hopefully local so someone can see/hear it run before purchase. I'll probably get started on the project in a month after a work trip. Asking $2000 for engine, turbo, intercooler, radiator and pump for intercooler, down pipe,harness, computer. Not sure how much pics are gonna help, kind of hard to see much of it with all the extra bracing and metal work on it, the intercooler pump and radiator are currently mounted behind the cab.



Sorry for my first post here being a for sale ad, just got the truck, I'll be around for a while!


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If u would like to part it out I will take the turbo manifold or maybe the tial wastegate depending on the size
Have any pics of the truck sounds pretty bad a$$
Here is a pic of the truck it's coming off of


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Its back! Good luck selling items.
Pretty sure this truck had its orignal kit installed from OTTP.
Has this truck been around here before? Any info you guys might have on it would be great!
Get in line bud lol I've messaged him about that he wants to see if he gets an offer on the whole thing together first which I can't blame him really

Would you sell the turbo kit?
OK, I had to go on a couple work trips and it took a little while to get motivated. Everything is out and ready to go. Here are some more pics. After I pulled the engine I found a tag, engine is pretty new, build date of January 2013. If there is someone local or a little extra I'd be willing to drive a few hours to meet. I'd let the whole setup go for $2500.


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any idea what kind of power this engine puts out?
Was told 300 to the wheels, I have no sheets on it or anything though.
Up top, already tired of looking at it!
Post Vegas price drop! $2000
I can't beleive this is still here. I'm open to donations if you feel so inclined :thumbup:
I'm gonna start saving now. I got half I can spare.. Lol

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