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3.5L engine

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This is more of a question than a sales ad. I just finished yanking the engine out of my truck and now just have it sitting around. I am wondering if it is worth trying to sell or if I should just junk it. It is such a shame because it was high mileage (155k), but there was nothing wrong with it. I also don't know if it is worth trying to call around to find a yard that would be interested in it for more than just scrap. Obviously our situation is unique in that this motor goes only in one vehicle so I know the value inst there.

So pretty much I just want to hear what you guys have done, any suggestions, ideas on a price, or if someone actually needs it. The wire harness is gone as well as throttle body and it is quite possible that the ac compressor was bad. Other than that it is all there in working condition.
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I'd at least try selling it like you are doing. Aluminum is around 50 cents a pound so you will get something out of it if you end up having to scrap it.
If you were local id buy it to have a spare :D

I sold mine for $300 with three spun bearings, no bolt ons and no oil pan. You can certainly get something for it.

If you were local I'd give you the guys number that bought mine, he is always looking for motors to rebuild.
yea, if you were closer id give you 200-300 for it.
Well I guess I'll let it sit on Craigslist and here for a little while and see what happens.
Well I guess I'll let it sit on Craigslist and here for a little while and see what happens.
I'm in Maryland and thinking of a spare just incase. Hmmmmm I'll try and find your ad on CL.
Ill post it but it doesnt tell much. And don't mind price. Just put something up, I'm looking to just get rid of it for the most part. Pictures on request if someone needed.

GM 3.5L Colorado Engine
She's going to scrap yard soon
Can you PM me an address so I can see what I could plan on taking a trip and taking off your hands?
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