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3 inch spindles

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Im getting some 3 inch lift spindles to go with my readylift kit. and i know a sorta idea on how to install them but im not positive and ive been looking but i cant seem to find any directions or how toos. any suggestions?? please and thanks!:D:355group:
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look at the 09+ brake swap should help you out
will do. just trying to get a heads up on how to do it before it gets here
look at the 09+ brake swap should help you out
the only thing is. i already know how to change the hubs and pull that off what im needing to know is about the spacers on the lower control arm and how exactly do i take the ball joints out and back on. im thinking ill have to take it to a parts store and have them pressed on and off??
that I don't know I have not had to do that yet
you can use the suspension load in your favor to help knock the ball joints out. I've never used a press just a lil 2 lb sledge. Just be careful not to damage the threads. And be sure to have the truck suspended at the frame and a jack under the LCA to ease it down. Should come with install instructions and there is bound to be a how to here somewhere to get a lil more info
3 Spindle System w/ Rear Performance Shocks - 2004-08 GM Colorado/Canyon 2WD

Check the right side of this page...install instructs pdf
thanks for the info! and ridinbaseline thanks cause that way when i get those spindles from you ill know how to do them! Thanks!:thumbup::yup:
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