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32' Tires ?

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This has probably been discussed already but can't seem to find an answer. I have an 06 crew cab Canyon Z85 4x4, with the 2.25' F, 1.5' R Ready Lift kit. My question is will I be able to fit 265/70R17 on there without rubbing?
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You need the correct backspace then yes that tire will clear.

Speedometer will be off about 10% and mileage will drop to around 15 city 20 highway.

My 2008 Z85 sits on 265/75-16 (essentially the size you want) but with aftermarket wheels. My wheels are 8.5" wide with around 5.2" backspace.
I don't know my total front lift, but I have 1.5" shackles in the rear and the truck sits level.

Let us know what the wheel width, and the offset or backspace is and we'll help you out more.
What he said^^^^^
32 foot tires?

They should fit but may need to do some trimming, but it depends on the back spacing of the wheels.
Hahah oops 32" tires **
The wheel is 17x9 with about 5.7" backspace
Probably rub the sway bar with that much backspace
Yep, there is somebody else asking to fit a similar size tire with a similar wheel. Probably not the best selection.
You are probably going to need it down around 5" of backspace.

I clear by the width of my skinny fingers. Your wheel combination will be tucked in over 1/2 of what I have on my 2008 Z85 with a similar lift. I think my offset is +18 on an 8.5" wheel. It might be +12. It's been a few years since I've had them and do not recall the exact spec. Either way though, different than what you are considering.
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