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355 Wave?

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As a young adult in the Dallas area, I was a member of a Jeep enthusiast club. We had a Jeep wave. Whenever we would pass another modified Jeep, we would wave regardless of if we knew the person. I've seen motorcycles do it too. I've tried waving at other 355's, but I just get funny looks. Does anybody else do this? :salute:
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I'll give a wave if the 355 appears to be owned by a fellow enthusiast. Most of the 355's that I see are plain unmodified work trucks.
Good point. I guess I will have to hurry up and get my 355 Nation decal.
lol jeep brahs... like Rich stated nothing here, got a few nods and thumb ups on the hwy by others, but 355'ers on the dallas area are more of a cool story bro bye

If I did that in my area I would be distracting too many senior citizens from driving lol
same here, but I did see a bagged 355 on the freeway and wanted to way at him but I was in my altima since NTB still has my damn truck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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