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I've noticed a lot of people stepping up lately and taking the initiative to make 355 banners (thanks DLucas and Norm) and watermark regional event/meet pictures (Hannibal and Turbo EJ) in favor of 355Nation.

For this, I would like to say thank you and to offer what help I can to make your watermarking / banner making endeavors easier. I have put together a set of .png (transparency) files that are free to the Nation to use, but must not be used inappropriately.

Appropriate applications for these logos would include:

  • Watermarking of event pictures.
  • Banner creation.
  • Avatar creation.
  • Event flyers.
  • Any actions that benefit 355Nation or its respective members.

Inappropriate applications for these logos would include:

  • Advertising affiliation with any site that is not approved by 355Nation admin.
  • Advertising offsite for financial reasons.
  • Creation of unofficial stickers / logos.
  • Any actions that do not benefit 355Nation or its respective members.

Because I want to keep this as simple as possible, I have put the files into a zip folder and attached them to this post. Please feel free to post in this thread accordingly with any questions or comments you may have.

One final note, if you do choose to download these files, you will need the password to extract them. Please PM me if you choose to download the .zip file, and why you will need access to the logos. Please do not post in this thread and ask what the password is, I will not respond with that information in a public forum - I'm sure you can all understand my reasoning. Also, if you are granted access to the password, please do not share it with anyone else.




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