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5.7 swap

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I just picked up a 2005 colorado for 500 bucks, it has a knocking 4cyl in it currently but I have a 5.7 and a 400 turbo trans sitting in my garage. I'm curious as to if anyone has done this before and what I should expect with this swap.
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5.7 w/400? That's a new one. What to expect? An empty wallet. Do you have the donor vehicle information (make/model/year)?
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5.7 with a TH400 is not that new. I think it has been done. I will have to find it over in the FB pages, one of the many. Biggest issue you will run into is the 5,7 computer is not compatible with the Colorado. With that said, Current Performance wiring can probably help you in the right direction. They may not build a harness for this swap but they can definitely give guidance. Swapping a LS 5.3, LM7 in mine now.
Thank you for the feedback. Also I'm not worried about my wallet lol it likes my projects 🤣
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