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600,000 Miles on a Colorado

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Oops! I mean a Canyon. Apologies if this has already been posted here.

From the OTHER 355 forum:

This picture was taken March 19, 2012

Since then, as of today, it has 601,900 miles.

2006 Canyon 4cyl

Original motor: 451,000 miles - I should have fixed that timing belt sooner.
This motor: 91,000 when installed, so 241,000 so far.
Transmission: Original replaced due to failure and TSB, 89,000 miles
This transmission: 513,000 miles
Starter: 475,000 miles
Front hubs (this set): 300,000+ miles
Alternator: 350,000 miles, 2nd about 225,000 miles (aftermarket
Original rear is still going strong.
Original catalytic converter.
Original radiator.
Third windshield.
Replaced entire emergency brake system due to rusty cables.
Change oil every 2 or 3 weeks, thats 3,900 to 5,800 miles.
Change trans fluid every 30,000 to 40,000.
Change differential fluid every 30,000 or so.
Truck gets started and stopped about 25+ times a day.
Only the second battery.

Passed inspection with no problems Jan 2012.
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wow well if he can do it so can I!!!! lol

only thing iv done is oil changes, clutch, ball joints, tie rods and acouple of tires. Man this makes me feel good. hopefully we will see 700k out of his haha
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