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OK I kind of fixed it! I set my V.S.S pulse per to 17, and VSS output pulses per to 40,000 and now the scanner reads same speed both fronts, and rear. No code set, no pulsating!

However under really low speeds, 1-2 km'hr I get a minor pulse! front speed sensors show, 1-2 km'hr and rear shoes zero. I think that's because of the 17 tooth low resolution. I'm not to concerned about it, since its at a crawl.

I guessed at 40,000, it was a random number kinda I thought it wants to maybe see 4000 pulses per mile, since that didn't work but it was close, just about 10 times to fast, so I times it by 10= 40000 and it seems bang on!
Old thread but great information Jamie.
I am going thru the very same problem here and this confirms my assumption. I only changed the reluctor T count from 40 to 17. I am going to try and change the VSS pulses per mile tomorrow.
According to my calculations the VSS pulses per mile should be set to 44492
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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