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Hey everybody, I've left a few comments here and there on this and other sites, but there's not a lot of definitive information on cab swaps. If I go ahead, I'll definitely document it for y'all. Looking for some advice.

I have an '04 crew cab 4x4 with a dead drivetrain and a repaired frame, and I've come across two project options for it.

One is a 2010 crew cab 4x4 that was side-swiped, needs a new cab and box. This seems like the best option because it's mostly just time swapping components, and I know it would have to be nearly every component from the cab because of the differences between 2010s and 2004s. The guy is waiting to get it back from his insurance company, and I'm not sure what he's going to ask for it or if he will contact me at all if he decides not to sell it. (been trying to keep in contact with him every few weeks without seeming like a nag!)

The other is a 2010 extended cab 4x4 with low miles but more expensive than I'd like to spend at a local pic'n'save. front and rear end collision, although looks like it's low speed due to a straight rad support, but will have to wait to see it. I know it would require more work, moving cab mounts and probably figuring out controlling the rear doors, not sure whether I'd have to fab that or if I could just grab the crew cab door harness for the driver and hook up the rear doors.

I really like the idea of this project, mostly because I could completely refinish the frame and rust proof it, do a lot of little things like cab, motor mounts and suspension parts, and my brother is a body man so I could paint it as well. Could have a "new" truck for low cost after a summer of work.

Is there any general advice out there for someone like me? Anyone have experience fitting a crew cab on an extended frame, or even just changing doors over? I'd like to have a better sense of what I'd be getting in to before I pull the trigger on one of these. I'm mostly nervous about changing over the harness, electrical stuff is complicated to me and the idea of fabbing/changing wiring seems daunting.
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