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AHelm's ZQ8 3LT progress thread.

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Brought this truck up from Tennessee to Pittsburgh to be my weekend toy. Was rather entertaining having three guys in a Cobalt for 11 hours, which ended with a short nap in a Wal-Mart parking lot waiting for the dealer to open.

Previous owner had the windows tinted, 22" Boss 330s, and some haggardly installed HID put in it. Also, the tails, and brake light have been "tinted". Those will go.

Bringing it home.

Couple pics with my Cobalt

At this point I've owned the truck for a little over a month now, and it's getting time to tear into it.

Found a Undercover ABS tonneau cover at a swap meet for $100. One corner is messed up and the harware needs blasted/painted. But for the price, couldn't pass it up. I'll probably smooth and color match it.

22's are way too big for these trucks IMO, so I ordered a set of 20's for it, wrapped in Hankook Ventus Evos. 245/35 if I remember correctly. This is how the truck sits now.

Ordered a DJM 3/4 kit (arms/blocks) from SS Colly earlier this week. Should be in tomorrow!

Also, sold the 22s yesterday, so I went ahead and ordered a JTR lo-pro tranny x-member, and a rollpan from modshop inc.

Cant wait to get this thing looking how I want it to, then I can start tossing go fast goodies at it!
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Nice work
I also believe the LS7 throttle body is a direct bolt on mod too.....but I think you need to get a pigtail adapter for it.

Nice work.

Today I reintstalled my Hellwig 3/4 ton traction springs, made/installed spacers for my rear sway bar and aired the shocks up. Its smooth and tight one like a loose ass end! :kiki:
:kiki: @ Jesse^^
Ahh, the meeting of the V8 minds in here......I like what I see and hear

Good work Alex and Rich

Note the gauge thingy behind the MAF is a like a flow meter for the air filter, it has different readings........basically if you look at it, it will let you know when the air filter needs to be replaced. Most military trucks have them ie; humvees
Well since its has a LS 5.3 ..........our Tahoe is getting some love this week

SLP resonator delete
AEM drop in filter, I already did the Airaid intake tube
MSD 8.5 SuperConductor wires
AC Delco IR plugs gapped at .040......GM put out a service bulletin saying the new -----plugs should be gapped at that and not the .060 they were from the factory
Royal Purple oil change and filter.
Clean the MAF and TB too

New foglight housings with an LED upgrade

Next is new fluids for both Diffs, transfer case and trans fluid and filter this is why I like 2wd better......less fluids to flush or change
See less See more the LS2 timing chain set when your in can pick them up pretty cheap and its safe insurance.
Better to be slow and strong then fast and weak.....just saying.

I'd also do this to: Edelbrock 4254, Edelbrock 2-Piece LS Timing Cover | Edelbrock - Free Shipping on All Orders @ JEGS

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Some nice sticky tires with them too @ahelm3
shit i sold my LS swap when I bought :shrug:
That efan is of the best items offered by James
OK, whats the specs and functions on those Alex ?????
OK, so are you getting some type of pigtail to run them both at the same time???

Or do they piggy back off each other?
Thanks @rshadd and @ahelm3
Fuckin shit.......can't see the video at work :hulk:
i can't have my cell phone at work :hulk:

Thanks for trying Alex
Yeah thats my life story :lmaop:
Any updates spankyMcfuckstick?
Burn out :hide:
Alex, you need the QA1 rear shocks.................... the best shock for the back of the truck hands friggin down
Pictures NOW Fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kiki:
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